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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy and Inhibited

Tomorrow is the big day!  Tonight is the big night!  Dinner on time, no longer lazy summer schedule.  Baths, books, teeth and beds.
Lunches to make (I'll be doing that next).  Supplies to name and identify (tonight's T.V. show project).  Preparing all the things they will need for a new year in school.  Lil'Gal in Kindergarten and Farmer, Jr. in First Grade.
The neat part about it is that Lil'Gal and Farmer, Jr. will have the same teacher this year.  Mrs. P (I'll call her as she's also the Principal for our little private school) teaches both Kinder and First, together.  They have separate assignments and the First graders have harder work, reading, writing, and arithmetic.
But, it's pretty nice because the Kinder Kids get exposed to some of the first grade requirements and often start reaching there themselves.  The readers from this school are phenominal!
Anyhow, I'm ready.  And, I think the kids are too....though, they're a tiny bit glum at re-structure and loss of freedom.
The only concern I really have is for my sweet Angel, my Lil'Gal.
Isn't she beautiful!!!  [I'm vain in her beauty; so click for a full view.  The smile will melt you.]  She is also very smart, very strong willed and not easily manipulated.  But, still?  I worry.  Because we are still having these urinary issues.  She previously had surgery to fix a lot of the concern, (you can find out more here:
And, she is currently on medication to help with her bladder spasms which basically cause you to urinate before you can make it to the restroom -- like the commercial -- a "going problem."
So, I've been working with her the last month or so.  She used to wear a pull-up.  Now, only at night.  If she wears one now and feels a slight release?  She will immediately change it.  Which tells me two things: 1) She's not being lazy and abusing the pull-up, 2) It's costing us ca-zillions!
So, we've been working with our "undies" and a "liner."  So that the liner can catch any unexpected releases and then she can excuse herself to the bathroom to change without wetting her undies.
Does it sound complicated?  It is.  Especially, for a five-year-old Lil'Gal.  And, I don't want her to feel conspicuous, but at the same time?  I have to discuss, share and help her understand that it is out of her 'control' or 'power' but that young children don't understand.  I have to tell her they might laugh and make fun -- as she is no longer in "Pre-K" but, a big Gal now in Kinder with the First graders.
I tell Farmer, Jr. that he needs to look out after his sister and make sure no one makes fun of her medical condition.  His reply, "If I tell them tha-at they'll wanna' laugh."  CRAP.  What I wanna' say, is "Then pummel the rat-B@$tard!!!"  But, I can't. [Hmpfh!  Lucky, little rat-B@$tard!]
So,  I just explain that he is the big brother and he is to look out after his sister and, if anyone is impolite or out of line?  His job is to report to me.  [Which is the case with any school issues, anyhow.]
She will be fine.  This is a very small private school.  Which I love for their academics.  But, dealing with her medical, urinary issue(s), I like it for that too.  Because, as strong a willed, and strong minded child she is, with both "book" and "street" smarts?  She could totally 'kick-A' in school and in life.
But, if she should be pounded down by a medical 'potty' issue?  Public school would EAT HER ALIVE.  Either that?  Or, she'd beat the jee-beez'us and Chicken Biskets out of anyone who scoffed her direction...and, end up expelled -- which still doesn't calm my mind.
So, there is my worry.  Life is grand.  Life is full.  Life is a trial, an experience, and it isn't always easy.  But if it wasn't hard sometimes....and was always easy...could we really call that a life?  And, would we treasure the things we do and the people (and things), and accomplishments we have and have made?
I don't really think so.  Though, I pray deeply that our Urology appointment on Tuesday morning finds some great, grand solution in the scheme of this issue?  Well, that's it.  I am praying this visit will provide us with some, great and grand solution to this issue.
Happy, Hoping for a Good Monday (Sunday's about over...)



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic of Lil'Gal :)

I'm saying a prayer with you that you can have some answers at your appt. on Tuesday.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks kcinnova. I've been so excited for them about school and several friends have returned and moved up to Kinder and First.

Still? I hope things go smoothly for her and she doesn't have too much trouble or isn't too distracted (or a distraction) over this issue.

Jay said...

Hope everything goes smoothly on the first day. That way things will get EVEN BETTER the rest of the year!

g-man said...

I'm sure FJ will take good care of her. I'm also sure that the teacher can quickly dissuade any teasing.

Here is to starting school :)

Tink said...

That IS a lot for a five year old to worry about! Poor baby. She's going to be great though, I can feel it. She's beautiful too. It's not just a Mother's bias either, I assure you. Someday you're going to have to keep the boys away with a bat. But not too soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is very beautiful. I hope no one picks on her for that. :( Would break my heart if someone picked on my kid for something they couldn't even help.

Hope the first day went well. :)

gary rith said...

What a difficult thing for a little kid, but it has to be exciting when your youngest starts school!