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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Farmer's Wife Report: Vloggie style!

Howdy Y'all!
Since you so avidly requested to see more of me?  Okay, well, like three or four of y'all did, I decided to vloggie Farmer's wife tips and tricks for the chores I'm doing today!
Hopefully, Bleepin' You-Tube will play nice today and I won't have to sit here for an hour of my day uploading the dang thing!
Anyhow, I'm now off to tend to those tasks I mentioned -- but, here's a little vloggie for ya!'
Hey, YAY! So You-Tube played nice and I'm all up and everything!! Happy Thursday, and all that! [Editors Note: About baseboards and the paint brush? I left out that you can use the brush on your window sills too! Dust the edges of the windows, the sill and "sweep" it all to the floor. Then, you vacuum or mop or however you clean your floors and it's just one pass! Also, I left out that while "sweepin" the baseboards? Be sure to sweep the yucks out of those tight little corners that collect build up and then can never be cleaned. AGAIN, do all this PRIOR to cleaning your floors. It makes for easier, quicker cleaning, and a more dust and allergen free home! ;-) Happy Dusting and Happy Baseboards!]


Anonymous said...

Ugh, stupid blogger ate my comment! Grrr!

I said that I would sooo be your BFF if I knew you IRL.

Your eyes are just beautiful!

I will be doing both those tips. I already knew that about the butt wipes. ;)

Vlogging is lots of fun!

Farmer*swife said...

Totally ff!! ;-)

The wipy thingie was more for the guys and of course, the gals that haven't had such close contact and experience with small children, LOL!!!!

I don't think I know any mom who doesn't still keep wipes on hand -- even after the kiddos are cleaning their own tushies!


And, thanks for readin/watchin'!!!

Anonymous said...

Wipes in the bathroom, wipes in my purse, wipes in the minivan, wipes in dh's car (and he HATES wipes!!).

I lurve your vloggies.

Politics: Plfhfhfhff!!

Word verification= sudspgoo

Jay said...

So how does that electric pencil sharpener go again? LOL ;-)

I'll be sure to have the housekeeper watch this video and use some of your tips.

Oh wait ... I don't have a housekeeper. haha

Krishna said...

You are killing me. I love the vlogs. way cool.
today is 11th anniversary for us!! woohoo, and i'm sick, darn. seriously got the stomach bug. oh well, that too shall pass.
let me know next time you are in town, i have some sausage and boots for ya.

gary rith said...

You have a real knack for this! YES, you belong in Hollywood.
We have an old fashioned pencil sharpener. Works OK, even if the power goes out. I agree about a brush and baseboard, but we have a duster like Lassie's tail instead. We should actually use it.
Nice phhhllbbbttt to politics too!

tt said...

Well, if you aren't the most gorgeous lil Texan I've ever seen!!!! Totally precious!!! I laughed all the way through this. why you ask? Because you sound and talk exactly like I read you!!! Too funny. Love your tips too. I have the 50/50 squirt bottle thingie...but the paint brush is a new one for me. But, I'll give it a go.
Wow..this tile projuct that Lovee and I have going on is taking me away from my bloggie peeps. Geesh...I've got a lot to catch up on!
Hope the new Hurricane passed you by this time. Holy windage!!! Are the crops in yet?
enjoy your weekend doll!

Tink said...

You were made for the camera, girl. I think this should be a weekly or biweekly thing for you.

Knight said...

I love all the sound effects. They kept me laughing.

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