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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain? Rain!

Here's a pic of me and my Sweet DH.  tt has been asking for a photo and since it is so rare that DH and I get one where either one of us, let alone both, look half way decent?  I thought I'd share.
And now?  It is time for some more "Farmer's Wife" poetry.
Rain, rain, go away!
We do not need anymore this way.
The cotton is wet, dirty and tattered,
and you raining more isn't helping matters.
I must say your timing is not so great!
All this rain is a little too late!
I guess I need to take this up with Mother Nature to discuss this,
cuz' you're really making quite a mess...
And as I'm out of rhyming now,
I'll end with you suck @$$!
I have to park the Mac now or else I won't get anything done today.  My Mackie is my new OCD.  And, she's portable...and, she has high speed, wireless internet all the PROs are suddenly a distraction from my job.
As soon as I get my "chores" done and earn my keep, I'll pop her open and head out to y'alls places for a good read!  I know I missed so much!  Thanks for popping in to read me and make sure I returned all happy and healthy -- well, I did conk my noggin -- and no I was not stuptified drunk...and I did scrap my @$$ on a couple of rocks...but nothin' that can't heal up in a week or so! LOL!
I just had to get that poem out of my system.  Bleepin' rain!
Happy Tuesday!



Jay said...

Great pic! Thanks for sharing that with us.

Hope the rain stops soon!

bandnhurt said...

It is a great pic! Looks like a GREAT time. :-) Love Farmer Junior's expression. Miss ya'll already! Was Tech Guy passed out when you took this pic? HA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful family! I love your toned arms. Gorgeous! :)

g-man said...

LOL at the poem. :) I hope your noggin feels better.

Tink said...

*Blink* Well aren't you a little hottie!

Farmer*swife said...

Bex You ROCK! No, YOU do! No, YOU DO! LOL!!

fairy flutters Thanks! All the child weight lifting ;-D

g-man Howdy! Thanks for the compliment [ I have others, ;-) ] Dropped in your page but took awhile loading. I'll pop back after I get my own WWC up!

tink Thanks, but honestly? it takes about 30 pics, some booze and a "party" for me to be anywhere near photogenic!

Anonymous said...

Farmer, Jr., really *does* look like a miniature of his daddy!
And you!! You pretty, skinny thing!
No Mrs. G's 5K A$$ project for you!!

(I'd be jealous, but it's my own durned fault I'm this size.)

tt said...

Thank you lil one!!!!!!!
You are totally, completely adorable. I knew you would be though. anyone who talks/writes this fast has to be! lol
You've got such a cute family....
you're blessed. :)