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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poor Lil'ol Me...sigh.

So, I'm standing here in my kitchen with tons of stuff that could be done but I'm doin' none of it.  Listening to Lil'Gal singing some song she' making up as she goes along and it's something to the tune of "I don't care!  I don't care!  Laa-laaaa-luh-laaaa-la-la...I don't care!"  Yeah, me neither.
We have a birthday party in a couple of hours which I haven't purchased gifts for the recipients (they're twin boys).  I'm thinking a gift card to a cute clothing store....that's what "Mama" needs, LOL!
Apparently?  I'm the only bleepin' bloggie with no Labor Day plans.  Seriously?  I think y'all all must have a scheduled event -- and Farmer*swife was left off the list or something.  We don't have plans because DH is in the field.  Yep.  So, he gets home at late dark-thirty...think it was around 10:pm last night.
I'm totally caught up on my bloggie reads.  Wait, not totally.  I forgot to go by em's place [harmful if swallowed.]  GEEZE!  I haven't been there in ages and she is a great read!  She write about her life as an ongoing novel -- and I just love the way she incorporates her characters.  I gotta' add her to Macxines Bookmarks -- no wonder I haven't been over there.
What else, what else, what else?????
Glad I don't live in Louisiana...sorry for the folks who do.  Not that we couldn't still be affected by Mr. Gustov ourselves down here.  But, it's lookin' so far like we aren't going to get the big hit.
Bought a paper today.  Sunday paper.  I like the coupon sections ;-D.  But, this week there is some really interesting stuff to read -- so, I'll probaby give the thing a good old look through. Along with finishing the romance novel I re-checked out from the library because I hadn't finished reading it yet.  Along with getting over to em's place to catch up on the what nots.
Well, Chicken Biskets!  I've got reading to do, coupons to clip, and birthday gifts to buy on our way to the party.  So, I'll bloggie at y'all later [Gators].
Happy Sunday!



gary rith said...

Happy Sunday to you too! I am working here myself, plus looked through the coupons in the paper too, and made some peach crisp.
I feel awful about the hurricanes--be safe there in south Texas, OK?
You may have noticed (HAR HAR!) that I decided to hold a contest to keep the limited attn. of bloggers on a holiday weekend! Sure, it costs me bucks, but I have them, including you, looking!
Be well. I'm gonna ask at the beer store if they can find Shiner Bock.

gary rith said...

Actually, when you think about it, the only bloggers reading/writing today are you and me and Melissa Garrett. And she's been known to hand out prizes sometimes....

Dianne said...

hey kiddo

I'm spending the holiday weekend listening to my neighbor's 2 year old teach the puppy how to sing!!

just imagine that ;)

Anonymous said...

Well I have nothing planned for tomorrow. My husband will be working as well - not the fields though - he works for a steel mill and keeps it running so the tons of steel can keep on rolling out!

Do you have Yahoo IM? If not, you should. If you do, add me.


I'll be on tomorrow afternoon and we can chit chat all about our happy housewife ways. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gal!
Sundays are usually busy around here, with at least half of it taken up by church stuff. (The bad part of being involved at church: you lose your Sunday free time!)
We just got back from a pool party-picnic at a friend's house. Well, at least we KNOW someone with a pool! Did you know that if you add coconut rum to a pineapple-flavored snow-cone, it tastes REALLY GOOD!!? Oh, my. I only had one (after my first and before my 2nd and 3rd Mike's lemonade). No need to swim, I'll just be over here in my chair, watching the boys have fun. :)

Farmer*swife said...

kcinnova Spiking a Snow cone? SWEEEET!!!! I've spiked a D.Q. slushy in my day but never thought about a snow cone!

Do snow cones come in Tonic flavor? LOL!! :-D

Jay said...

I don't have any Labor Day activities planned either. Just more of the same really. LOL

Em rocks. She's cool.

Farmer*swife said...

HAY!!! There's jay! Well, maybe we'll just all party "Farmer*sWife" style at my bloggie tomorrow...

Unless my Mama comes out -- cuz' then, I'll be entertaining. But, I WILL be cooking tomorrow...

Hmmmm. Roast? Carne Guisada....or fajitas with beans and tortillas and pico and hot sauce -- Yummy!

Oh, and y'all know I'll bring the Shiner Bock!

gary rith said...

Shiner bock and RUM SNO CONES, yeow!

tt said...

You're not alone sister! We don't have any plans either. Well, we were supposed to have one of my Grandyoungins...but her parents went off to do domething fun like going to the lake so we got scratched off the list. :(
I needed to tile anyway...hummmmm

Ohohohohoh...I bought one of those enormous paint brushes...fabulous
Glad idea btw! works great too!
I'm happy that Mr. Gustov won't be making a big appearance at your place! Phewwww!!
Our #2 son and his wife are in the Houston area...they're gearing up a bit but aren't too worried. Ha...they let me do that for them. :)
Have a great week!

gary rith said...

So wait, do I see at R and S that you are a poet too?

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Anonymous said...

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