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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picture Fiction Challenge n/k/a Portrait of Words

Hey Bloggies,
Just an FYI, jeff b at A Word In Edgewise [ at] is kinda' picking up on r.e.h.'s PFC project since he's been MIA for so long.  He'll give it back when our madman returns.  But, in the meantime pop over there and check it out as he as changed it a tiny bit.
Pics are up for the first "Portrait of Words" challenge, for those who want to participate!
Sorry, I didn't link you directly.  I'll add him to my blogroll.  Saves me having to type all that coding in and/or cutting and pasting from else where.  Been too lazy busy to memorize the coding for links.
Happy Wednesday and Happy Writing!



Anonymous said...

YES! I just seen that I am going to try to remember to do this!!


Jeff B said...

Hey, cool beans! Thank you for the shout. I'm looking forward to getting this rolling again.

I cruise by r.e.h.'s place from time to time wondering if he's made it back. Sure wish we knew what happened to the guy.

Thanks again.

gary rith said...

Hope school is going well for your kids, and your fans out here in blog land wouldn't mind another video!

aoc gold said...

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