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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"It's Not Fair!"

After lunch, the kids and I ran a few errands.  Namely, return videos we rented for the trip, stop in the Hobby store for some scrap-crafting stuff to make little coffee table books from the river trip pics; and, a shirt -- Bex and I saw one at the river for Tech Guy cuz' he's all Mac [he's a certified Apple coder!  Cool, huh!?]
So the shirt said "iFrio" (all Mac like) but they only had them for Gals.  So I told Bex, it was a must have and so I'd just make Tech Guy a/k/a Techie one.  So, for about seven or eight bucks I'm going to make him the same shirt tonight!
Anyhow, the bonus for the kids was that after the Hobby store we were going to hit CVS (same trip and same shopping center) to pick up their special for "card members" of buy one 1/2 Gallon (or whatever size it is close to that) get one free!  Great savings and Dryers Slow Churned is really good, soft, creamy, 1/2 the sugar and 1/3 the fat.  And, ya' can't tell; it's almost like soft serve.  [And, I don't even like ice cream]
The children were wild Bleepin' Indians in the store.  They were sword fighting with wooden dowels in the wood section.  At one point, Lil'Gal picked up a wooden egg, sat it below her, squat on it and hollered to Farmer, Jr. "Hey! Look!  I layed a Leg!"    Okay, that part was really funny.  She kept doing it and I'd say, "It's egg."  And, shed say, "I layed a Leg!"  Everyone that passed by got a good laugh.
But, that was THE ONLY funny part about our expedition through the store.  There was touching of everything, grabbing, pushing, arguing, I paid out, I was unloading all the things "I didn't want" that Lil'Gal had collected (and wore, fancifully) through the store. While doing this, the lady at the register behind me is asking my son to please put the "sign back where she had it."  [She was nice about it.]
At this point my brain is about fried and my temper is on "beat the tar" out of something....hopefully, not someone.  My mouth spills out with, "My children used to be the most well behaved children!  Now, suddenly, they've become wild indians!"  To which the lady responded, "School.  Ruins them everytime!"  The mother behind me was laughing and added, "Thank goodness they go back on Monday!"
YES!  Monday.....glorious Monday!
 We go to exit the store and apparently my SUV key had fallen from my pocket (in one of the arm grabbing chases through the store, I am sure).  At this point, I'm at a meltdown while the check out lady kindly holds my things.
KIDS:  "Where are we going?"
ME:  "Retracing our steps so we can find my keys."  I say, as I'm dashing through the isles.
SON:  "Keys?  I found some keys?  On the floor."
He picked them up, and didn't think to tell me?  Geeze!  Beer me now!!!!
So we leave and I explain to the kids that due to their wildly, embarrassing behavior?  We will not be going to CVS for the ice cream.  They were very upset.  Lil'Gal begins to cry a tantrum and of course, everyone hears.
"It's not Fair!"  Shouts Little Gal.  And, adds, "YOU made a TRICK on us!"
Yes, tis true.  Life is not always fair.  Farmer, Jr. is beginning to understand this.  He realizes, that hey, they weren't so great at listening and so no ice cream.  Lil'Gal might understand it?  But, she still finds it unacceptable in her world, LOL!
Ahhhh, and I arrive home and immediately drop everything so I can blog my frustration...and, by the time I have finished I feel all peaches and creamy again because -- my life is so full!  And, never a dull moment ;-D
Man, I love my kids!  And, it's not their fault their Mama is anal retentive and likes everything quietly perfect and organized and simplified.  They are kids.  They are curious!  Maybe?  I should joined the dowel fight and layed a "Leg" myself!
Happy Half-Way through Wednesday!



gary rith said...

sorry, I just cracked up when I saw 'nucking futts'!

Farmer*swife said...

Me Too!!! So glad someone reads my "New and Fun Terms!"

Today, she said "snickerfart!" Too funny!

Knight said...

I would have gone crazy in the store. They are soooo lucky to have you for a mom.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks knight. I really appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I would have done the same. I refuse to reward bad behavior in public. I try really hard to stand by my word with my girls.

And, no, unfortunately life is never fair. I've been known to tell them in public that it's good to learn disappointment now at a young age. LOL

Loved the laying of the leg part! What a hoot!

gary rith said...

(listen, those pb and j muffins are tasty, and I bet you're right: kids would love them, and love helping to make them. I was asked to write about this for a parenting magazine site, if your kids help you, would you please give me some feedback that I could use, crediting you of course? With you and Lynda, 2 Texans, and me, this is an hysterical article, this muffin thing for kids....)

Jay said...

Oh boy. I don't think I would have lasted at all. Since I don't have kids, and I'm never around them, I have absolutely no patience with them. Not their fault really, but they drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, standing by your word.
Mommies are only allowed to lay a "leg" at home. At the store? You might meet up with some "nice young men in their clean white shirts, and they're coming to take me away - away - away - to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time..."

But I'm laughing anyway!

School starts soon! (For us, not until Sept. 2nd, but I do hear you!)

Anonymous said...

"Keys? I found some keys."

Beer me now!!!

You crack me up, Girl.