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Monday, August 4, 2008


Howdy Y'all!!!! Please know, that I have drafted the "Road Trip" pics post dated prior to this post, so unless I can edit the time/date stamp then you'll have to check back later this PM (when I get home to my PC, with constant internet access) -- But, for now?  I wanted to shout a big HOWDY from my Mac! Apparently, the problem is within my home internet set up.  Tech Guy is helping me along with that and hopefully, real soon?  I'll be corresponding, bloggin and possibly vlogging (via my webcam on my Mac), and all the other interactive internet stuff I do -- all from the comforts of my kitchen while cooking dinner, etc. Welp, talkie at you-allll later.  Was just excited to try out the new Baby and make a run through. [Notes to self: Hmmmm. Mac has no Backspace or Home Keys; at least not labeled as such. Feels like Word vs. Word Perfect all over again. But, I'll get there....I will persist! I will waken my lazy brain to learn!] Happy Monday!


Dianne said...

Congrats on the new Baby :)

I got a laptop recently and it's wonderful! I love being outside and online at the same time :)


Farmer*swife said...

dianne Thanks! And, I know...I can't wait!

Jay said...

The delete key is the backspace. Not sure about the home. Maybe in the owner's manual? Not that I would ever read it, but some people like to. LOL ;-)

gary rith said...

(Dear FW--I think I remember you have a science back ground so here you go:
for some reason, when tin oxide (which is white) and a little bit of chrome oxide (green), which are added to a glaze base in powder form, are melted together over 2000 degrees they react and become RED. A nice strawberry red glaze. As for the cats, I have noticed they grimace when they see me coming with the camera, because they don't like the flash!)

gary rith said...

decided to post that at my blog as a note to you, thanks!

tt said...

I'm sooo not a techie so I have no idea on how to help you...sorry. :)
Glad you gota new one though! of YOU please!!!!