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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Ramble and some FW poetry

I spent most of today, so far, reviewing, cropping and editing photos from our river trip, and some miscellaneous that I hadn't removed from my flash card so it was all downloaded to my Mac.  Whom I finally decided, in the late night hours, to formerly name her, "Macxine!")
When we added Techie and Bex's family river pics with my family's river pics, and some others which still remained on my flash card?  We ended up with close (maybe over, can't remember) to 300 photos!!!!!!  Geeze!  And, once on the computer?  I have to zoom, crop, edit each one and then "throw out" the one's I don't.
I will say, that it completely taught me (well, almost completely) how to work in iPhoto. 
So, I DID also clean a few windows, did Lil'Gal's hair, made a nice hot breakfast (recipe to come later), dusted the baseboards, read a few books to Lil'Gal and made a few phone calls.
Next, I'm off to try Potter's recipe for PB&J Muffins as I told him me and the kids would whirl it out.  If something is freshly baked from the oven?  DH won't notice so much all the chores I didn't get done, right?
And, I'm the one who gets extra credit as I am the one who archives the story(ies) of our lives. ;-D  Right?
And, now....for some Farmer*swife Poetry.  Which is the only reason you are still reading this waste of time of a post; right?  Right???
Mac be nimble, Mac be quick!
Mac out-cropped the PC's pics!
Little Ms. PC sat in the office,
waiting each day to play.
Along came Ms. Apple who easily traveled,
and frighten Ms. PC away!
[FYI, I still love my PC too.  But Macxine is like a purse puppy you take with you every where!]
That's all I got for now.
Happy Thursday!
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gary rith said...


Anonymous said...

Purse puppy *grin*

Fun poetry, I can tell how happy you are with Macxine. :)

I hope to try those PB&J muffins, too, after I get through this weekend. Hectic!!

Thanks for the compliment - the sunset pic is one I took at the beach a couple years ago.

Jay said...

I never knew you were a poet! You've got mad skillz. ;-)