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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool Beans!

I have yet to get Sweet D her birthday present and as Christmas is coming up around the corner, I thought I could combine the two and get a better gift.  We are thinking matching charm bracelets.
Anyhow, I was making breakfast in the kitchen while surfing Etsy for hand made bracelets!  Pretty cool, huh?  Yeah, I know.  Y'all are all tired of hearing about my new toy.  It's still all newbie to me though so I'm totally OCD about it!
As we speak I'm sitting on my bed (unmade -- gasp!) with my LT on a pillow in my lap.   I think Mackie prefers the feather down pillow over DH's synthetic one.  She has good taste, huh?  (But, I need to come up with a better name for her).
So, I am thinking about how lucky I am.  I am so very, very blessed.  DH came home yesterday after a day at work of "not stripping cotton" because we got another three and a half inches of rain...and, he wasn't gripy.
I have two beautiful children and a great hubby.  I have great friends.  I have family that loves me. I have bloggies who read me. I have a beautiful home.  I have a vehicle that is paid for.  I am able to fuel said vehicle.
I am able to stay home and run the household and care for my children.  I make my own hours, so to speak (24/7 more like, but you know what I mean).  I've been able to snuggle and sleep in most mornings until 7:30, sometimes later and closer to 8:am when the kids sleep late.
That'll change next week when they go back to school.  But, that's okay with me.  I've enjoyed my summer and my "free time."  So, I am rested and ready to get back to the grind.  Time to be Super Mom again.
And, to add to everything that is so wonderful in my life -- a life many would long for -- that I longed for back when I was younger and wondering where and how my life would pan out.  In those days of dating and wondering if this is "the one."  In the days of wondering where my job/career would take me...
To add to everything?  I am sitting here with high speed internet (which is also something not to be taken for granted because for so long in Farmer*swife's world, we didn't have it).  And, I'm sitting here thinking (while Farmer, Jr. rambles around me about his stuffed puppies birthday) how lucky I am.  I truly have everything.
Kids have medical issues but those can be controlled and handled.  The cotton is rotting and wet.  Mom's got medical issues and constant pain crisis.  Dad gets lonely up there in the woods in AK, since the divorce.  I don't get to see my brother's nearly enough.
There are always the things life brings that get in the way or irritate slow drivers.  But, when we sit back and think about where we are vs. where we could be...worse off?
Gosh, I gotta say?  My Glass is filling and it's more than Half Full.
Happy Wednesday!



Jay said...

That might be just too much positivity for me this morning. LOL ;-)

I keep trying to be more positive, but it isn't working. Maybe I'll try harder.

Be careful with the Mac on the bed or a pillow. It can run pretty hot!

Anonymous said...

Hey you!! I Love coming over here and seeing your cheeriness! I love it.. you are allowed to vent anytime for every time you come to my page you see that I vent almost every time!!!

We are all lucky in some way or another!

Thanks for this post made me think of brightening my own day!! THANKS


Anonymous said...

How bright and cheery you are this morning! Okay, so it was yesterday morning, but I was fighting a migraine then...

I am grateful that I could go back to bed and put a pillow on my head and get rid of that awfulness.

Definitely more than half full here!