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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jitter Mug! (FW Poetry)

Coffee, Coffee oh so bitter,
If I drink too much you make me jitter.
But, on those days when morning comes too soon?
I'll drink every drop and lick the spoon.
I like to save money and I  can't see spending over $3.00 for "Coffee Mate's" amazing dairy creamers.  But, I bought the "plain jane" in generic ["fancy flavored" generics taste just as swell as the name brand, FYI] and it just isn't cutting the coffee.
So, spoiled Gal that I am?  Next time I'm at the grocery store and they don't have my French Vanilla in generic?  I'm going to consider myself worth the extra two bucks and buy the name brand....because, I gotta' have a little foreign and a little vanilla in my coffee.
Yeah, right.  Listen to me whinin' when kcinnova apparently went to bed after 1:am (and she still made time to read Lil'ol me :-D )  and, has to wake this morning BEFORE FIVE A.M.!!!!  And, yet she still offered to share some of her coffee with me.  [She drinks the fancy Folger's flavor too!!!]
Shame for me.  Gal?  You come to MY place cuz' you have too much dang stuff going on over there, with limited sleep.  You come here, take a little snoozer and then I'll provide the coffee!
Well, time to go paint and putty my face!
Happy Thursday and Happy Jitters!



Jay said...

My mother goes all out and has half-n-half in her coffee. She complains mightily if she doesn't get it too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kcinnova did not actually go to bed. Kcinnova laid down on the sofa at 2am. Kcinnova did get up before 5am to take care of SuperDad and send him off to work, but then she laid back down and napped on the sofa until NOON!!!! Oldest boy showed up from his cave around 1:30pm, but he was probably awake longer than mom was last night.
She MIGHT have stayed awake, but she didn't have any coffee this morning..because she forgot to set the timer!! (sound familiar?)

Anyhoodle....whine away! Esp. if you invite my over to your place for coffee, and scrapbooking!!

Anonymous said...

Tip on the flavored-coffees. I mixed a great one with regular today to make it go further, and it works.