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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waiting on the Curling Iron

I've been trying to come up with a way to pop out of bed looking fantabulous with little to no effort.  This is to expedite my mornings when school's schedule starts back on Monday for hectic mornings.
I'm hoping to eliminate the hectic part as I enjoy sipping coffee before the children expel themselves, crankily, from their beds and pour themselves into the kitchen where I am making a hot breakfast.
So, I got a cute cut.  I like it and I got a little volume back in my hair.  And, I wanted to have the bottom layers flip up and out.  But, my hair likes to roll and curl under, naturally.  So, then I tried the "flat iron" because apparently, hair dressers can now do anything with a flat iron. Including curling hair, not just straightening.
Anyhoodle, I tried foam rollers.  Last night I got them in good and tight so they would fall through the morning and continue with beautiful volume through the muggy afternoon.  I pop out the rollers this morning (after my morning blog) and, wha-laaaa.
I look like a housewife's poodle.  Seriously.  So, now?  I have to put another 15 minutes into my morning with the "curling iron" to try and reduce the POOF....normally, I'd just hang with it.
But today we are taking a family member out to lunch at the local bar-b-que place for her birthday.  And, everyone, or at least half, of farmville will be there for lunch because -- well, that's where they mostly like to go.
Here's hoping, I can smooth the POOF.  I don't think DH would be very happy showing up with a poodle on his arm. LOL!
Better luck tomorrow!



Knight said...

I can't stand foam rollers for that very reason. I always end up washing my hair and starting all over. Have you tried using a large barrel curling iron? I find it takes less time and gives body. I have fairly thick hair but I'm done in less then five minutes.

Anonymous said...

What? No pictures?

Please! :P

Farmer*swife said...

Sorry ff, I was too lazy! Shame on me, I know.

tt said...

you cracked me up! I had a serious flashback too!!! I could have written this post about 34 years ago...if there were computers back then...ha....I did the exact thing...sponge I'd have an easier time in the morning....ha...didn't work...too much poof!!!! and this was...oh...1974 or 75 too...I was trying to be grown up and loose my long straight hair...cuz hubby was a hottie-Marine and I wanted to be a hottie too...:)
Lost the 'poof' and found my hotness...said Hubby-marine.
Too funny!
I bet the pic would have been cute!

Anonymous said...

Your bloggies wanna see pictures! ;)