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Friday, August 22, 2008

POWERLESS!!!! Bleeeeep!

HOLY BLEEPVILLE!  OMG!  Thank goodness y'all can still read me!  Holy Bloggie scare!  Me and Macxine (official name of my new MAC LT -- review prior posts for more on that...and share if you like it or not and "Macxine and I" will take your opinions under consideration, LOL!) were off line for TEN HOURS!
I was sweetly tending to my "domestic duties" as my Fab (wait, he's a Man's Man, no wait, he's tough, and Not to be messed with) I mean, my BURLY Dad says to me....all the while keepin' up with some email and online duties....and then it happend!  The storm.  I'm thinking un-forcasted and unknown because there wasn't any warning displayed in the bylines of the current show casted (OH, wait....might'a missed that as Lil'Gal was coveting the T.V. with a video....sheeze).  
Anyhow, it blew in three, THREE, inches of rain in about an hour...maybe and hour and five minutes.  BLEEEEP!  Sware, Chicken Biskets, Bleepity, Bleep....bad on all levels.  Washing away our cotton as it still sits in the field, dirty, tattered and loosing money every bleepin' day.
Raising mosquitoes -- though, on the sly?  I'll post some pics of like twenty dragon flies swarmin' our porch and eatin' those suckers!!!  Dragonflies, if you didn't know it, LOOOOOVE to eat them some mosquitoes.  Lots of Protein, ya' know! took down a couple of power poles.  At first?  I was like, Hey, no power...well, that's gonna' interfere a whole lot with my "job" today.  Then, I saw Macxine, all flashing her screen and shiny!  Cuz' she's got a full charged battery!!! [Watch your ears]  Squeeeeeee!!!!!
She was all spit-fired and powered up and ready to play....and, then....NO internet.  But?  Macxine is wireless now?  BLEEP!  The main anttenae requires a power adapter which is plugged....into the wall....and, we...have....NO....power.
TEN HOURS!  Oh, the story gets soooo, SO much better and funnier.  But, alas.  It is now after midnight.  And, DH wants to crank us all out of bed -- ON MY LAST SATURDAY -- of the beginning of school, to go "antique" shopping and get the H## out of town.
PROBLEM:  Oh, so many.  But as it is after midnight, I will only share a few.
1) Um, "Macxine" does not yet have appropriate travel attire?  We were going to shop for that tomorrow......(ie: sporty, cute and protective travel bag, with cute and safe pocket for her "Mighty Mouse.")
2) We both know we aren't really going to spend any money when like $250,000(gross) give or take a thousand acres of cotton, is still sitting, rotting, and tattered in the field.
3) We just got power on at after 10:pm or maybe closer to 11:pm.  This is my/kids LAST sleep in and take it easy morning; and Lil'Gal and I already decided to make Cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.
SHEEZE!  You just can't come up in here and rock around my plans.  Cheese and Rice, DH, you know how OCD I am.  
Awww, and Geeze Wizz....I was planning to talkie lottie about my "awful" day and then read the rest of all of y'all great bloggies (I still have to go back to PC to get the addresses of a few other FAV reads)'s NOW almost 12:30 in the morning.  And, I'll be so grounded if I don't wanna' wake up.
So just know that I love y'all.  Friends, readers, and bloggies alike.  And, I'll catch up tomorrow if Macxine can get signal on the trip.  And, I apologize for being so "all about me and Macxine" before reading y'all all, tonight!
[Editor's Note:  I REALLY ramble when I'm tired, huh?]



gary rith said...

I love how dragonflies gobble up mosquitos.
Horrible, no internet for ten hours???????????

Anonymous said...

I did not know this about dragonflies. And now? They are my FAVORITE BUGS!!!! (I love bats for the same reason.)

I feel your pain: no sleeping in, up late, and no internet for 10 hours!

gary rith said...

you know, did the storm hurt your cotton?