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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coffee Me Hazelnut...or, what ever's hot and caffeinated!

Pant! Pant! Pant! Pant! [I'm waiting on the coffee maker to fill up just enough to fill my cup the first time.]  This really isn't the time to try a new "Flavorful Selection" but that's what's percolating this morning, Hazelnut.
Generally, I prefer, "Folgers Gourmet Selections -- Cre'me Brulee'."  Yes, I drink fancy coffee, with artificial sweetener and French Vanilla Dairy creamer.   But, I'm the only one who drinks it in this house -- and seein' as I'm always the first one up and almost last one down during the school year? I deserve it!  [Plus, I use a coupon when I can.]
It's ready!!!!   [Sip!  Sip!  Slurp!]  Okay, yummy.....give it about five minutes and I'll be kickin' it Super Mom style.  
Luckily, DH is taking the kids to school this morning.  Cuz' I played musical beds again last night.  And, I woke around 3:40 a.m. with a "Bink!"  And, that was it.  My sleep was ruined.  I made the trips around the house and checked in on everyone else.  Then, returned to Bed B.
Tossed, turned, and so forth.  Almost asleep and then I heard a "Thud!"  I thought, possibly Farmer, Jr. fell out of our bed.  So, back out of Bed B. and another round around the house.  He was hanging off the side, but obviously not the "Thud!"  I flipped on the outside flood lights to peer at any critter or criminal that might be responsible for said,  "Thud!" And, as all seemed well, I headed back bed to torment myself.
Finally, I fell back asleep.  I'm guessing around 5:30.  At which point, I actually began dreaming.  Apparently?  My MIL was having someone over (why at my house?  Dreams.) for lunch or something to celebrate that person's birthday or something.  
PJ and her hubby had apparently stayed the night.  That has nothing to do with nothing, but it was in my dream.  The electricity was shorting out so I was waiting to call our builder to come out and check it out and fix the problem.
Meanwhile?  Hundreds of people are coming into my house and piling around my back yard.  They turn up loud music and set up tables and begin to Bar-B-Que.   They are family to MIL's friend and are surprising her with a birthday party -- and since they knew this is where she'd be, they decided to bring the party to my house! [WTH?]
So, there are people, and kids, and teenagers (getting into everything without permission, driving the four wheeler around the back yard, breaking things and just general chaos).
While PJ is touring our home she opens a closet that is apparently infested with mice and a Racoon, who is eating the mice...the Racoon is attributed to the "Thud!"  And, shewed out the front door.  I'm beside myself and ranting outloud to DH as if he was there, because of the choas, people, mess, and MICE!  DH is apparently at work during all of this.
"Honey!  Time to get up!"  [What?]  DH wakes me from my dream.  My jaw aches from nashing and grinding during my dream.  And, I realize I've only been asleep for about 45 minutes.
SUCK-ville.  Coffee me now.  Then?  I realize?  I didn't preset the coffee maker.  Didn't check my list last night.  GEEEEZE!  What'up "Super Mom?"  Not so super this mornin'.
Happy Note:  Coffee kicked in -- I did the "Wonder Woman" spin and looked all put together just like Diana what's-her-name!  Lasso and all! -- O.K., not really.  I did the "Wonder Woman spin" and ended up wearing the same 'ol big, wrinkly sleep shirt -- BUT, I had hot piggies in blank-el-ets (that's how Lil'Gal says it) on the table, juice, Lil'Gals med and  Farmer, Jr.'s allergy pill all on the table when the children walked in.  Ice tea was in the pitcher when DH walked in to grab some "piggies," a glass of tea, and head to the office.  Kids were dressed upon approaching the breakfast table.  Impressive!
Backpacks loaded with lunches and snacks and folders.  Lil'Gal's hair is done (okay, I didn't have time to tie the ribbon bows) and everyone is out the door.
I get to housewife it and get my house in order and dusted, and floors de-crumbed and the mountain of laundry folded, hung, and put away.  I already have dinner layed out:  Steaks, baked potatoes, salad and applesauce for the kids.
FYI?  Hazelnut is okay.  But, I like Creme' Brulee' much better.  And, generic dairy creamer isn't as good as generic "French Vanilla" creamer.  But, I'm not complaining any.
I'll be back later with a recap and some pictures (Finally!  Finally! Pictures) of the kids first day at school.  I also would like to peep in a WWC.  What were the words?  Sour and Salty?
Later Gators and Happy Tuesday [Early] Morning!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aren't dreams WEIRD?? Durned 'coons and mice. I once was all alone in a rental house (I was single & my roomies were gone for the weekend) and I kept hearing these noises up in the attic. Freaked. Me. Out. Not much sleep that night. In the light of day, when roomies were back, we peeked in the crawl space/attic area...SQUIRRELS had torn down all the insulation... they had thrown themselves a giant PAR-TAY.

Been missing your WWC, but hey, school has started and you'll be back, right?

We'd get along drinking coffee just fine. Creme Brulee creamer is mahvalous, although I'm just as happy with a really good caramel truffle-flavored coffee and some half-n-half.
Superdad gets the first big cup at 5am, and then the rest is MINE! But I'd share with you. :)

I'll be needing it in the morning. I just finished editing the church newsletter and it's nearly 1am. Alarm goes off in less than 4 hours. Off to bed I go!