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Monday, August 18, 2008

i'm Back Bloggies!

Just a quick catch up or should I say "Hello" as we just unpacked and I'm getting re-organized (going through the withdrawls of having returned from a FabTastic Trip!)  I did miss my pretty house and I did miss my PC cuz' Tech Guy couldn't get signal for me to Mackie Blog!
But, guess where I am?  No really?  I'm home....but where am I and what machine am I using???
My Kitchen BAR!!!  See, I knew patience would get me there and Tech Guy gave it thought, LogMeIn'ed -- so he could quickly access my computer from the town where he was -- to read our internet system requirements and coding.  I get home with a switch and a new ethernet cord....plug it in, wake up Mac, and TAAAAA-DAAAAA!
Tech Guy showed me TONS of cool stuff that my Mackie does!  The iPhoto, the iWeb, the Photo Booth, and it is just incredible.  I can play with "Garage Band" and take, say my kids or myself,  and sing a little song and then turn it into a professional sounding song...not to mention that once our speakers and surround sound is all hooked up in the house and the back porch?  I can play music, change the station/play list, etc anywhere in the house (even away from home) all from my LT Mac!
I am sooooo impressed that I have decided to keep the PC for the biggie Windows projects (though I have Windows on here as well, now) and use Word as needed in Mac world and the rest will be for photos, bloggie, internet and all the cool intentions this thing was purchased for.
So, with that I have to get back to the real world again....far, far, away from tubes and tons of food and beer.  But, I'll be back with a picture tour! LOL!
Happy Mac and Happy Bloggie!  WHOOOOOP!
[Oh, and jay, I have a special pic for you -- kinda' along with your comment on my last post! ;-)]



Anonymous said...

Wow that all sounds really cool! I didn't think I liked Macs but you make it sound great. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! My computer is running S-L-O-W-L-Y (I think the kids have played too many games on it the past few weeks) but I'll try to get back on to post a WWC and read up on your trip tomorrow!

Jay said...

Welcome home! Glad your having fun with your Mac. You can probably take care of the entire house with that thing. Maybe you can figure out how to get it to make dinner! LOL ;-)

Chatty said...

Congratulations! What fun to be able to work anywhere!

gary rith said...

seems like Macs have great picture software, doesn't it?