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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cotton Shoppin'

[FYI, I left all the pictures at "small web" size so you can click for a better view.] I'm on the computer this morning checking emails, bloggies, and coupons and such. I look out the window to my left and I see my nephew, T-Man, with the Gator and a shopping basket (the kind you hold on your arm when you just need a couple of items) and he's in the cotton field...apparently? Shopping for cotton! LOL! My take anyhow. So, Farmer Jr. gets home and T-Man, excitedly, flies over in the Gator (I had to remind him to slow down -- not that he was going excessively fast, but just that I like him to crawl like a snail in the thing, and YES, there are seatbelts. My BIL also "tricked" it out with a hard shade cover that also serves as a Roll Bar)...he's picking up Farmer Jr. so they can go and "pick cotton." They decide to take the pedal cart and fill up the wagon. After "trapping" some cotton and making "a module" their size [and by hand] they opt to head back to BeBe and PaPa's house. [See the blue shopping cart?!] The trap apparently makes a good "module." They return with the "tricked out" lawn more. Now, let me explain what I mean by "tricked out." My Fav FIL replaced his old lawn mower as I guess it wasn't cutting right or running right or something. He later decides to remove the cutter housing and get it running for the boys to drive around on. [He regulated the speed, I believe.] So, the boys share the lawn mower and take turns but everyone knows that it isn't much fun to ride alone. So, FIL? Being creative, savy and handy....welds a seat mount and attached a passenger seat to the lawn mower. Now, the boys can ride together and take turns driving. Plus, they add a trailer because they need a place to haul their tools, and field findings, etc. On occassion they think it'd be fun to pull a passenger in the wagon. But, the wagon contraption was dangerous and not passenger worthy. Papa realizes this and brings down the fancy, snazy red wagon he uses at the ranch. So the boys have it made and can haul the Gals should the Gals wanna' ride too. But, being August in South gets pretty hot with the sun pounding on your head while driving a heat offering lawn mower as well. Papa and the boys discuss this and they decide they need some shade. Whalaaa! An umbrella from an old tractor [I believe.] So, as you can see...Papa "tricked out" their ride! Too cool, huh? I have said it before and you will read it many times in the future...but it can never be said enough. I have the BEST, MOST AWESOME, FABTASTIC, MIL and FIL in the entire world. I love them so dearly. They are not only awesome but fabulous people. Caring, supportive, understanding, loving, providing, fair, open, genuine...THEY ROCK! So, who's coming here? The boys have a passenger with them. Speaking of In-Laws, here comes my Fav FIL! Pa's takin' a ride! Man, if that isn't the life. The only thing missing is a cold glass of iced tea or maybe an ice cold beer. And, maybe an umbrella for the trailer [that might be next...] Happy Hot Saturday!!! [Editors Note: No, we still do not have landscaping. Still trying to decide how we want it, and still getting the crop in that is supposed to "pay" for it. DH did head out today to pick up a few more trees, though!!! We're getting there ;-D]


Knight said...

That last photo with tricked out tractor and everyone sporting a cowboy hat is supper sweet. They are lucky to have a grandpa like that!

gary rith said...

That is hilarious! The very last picture is the best--grampa and kids and a custom John Deere....

gary rith said...

btw--after the storms, how is the cotton crop?

Jay said...

Riding around on a nicely accessorized John Deere is always a nice fun day. It would be worth it to buy a farm just to get to buy a John Deere. haha

Farmer*swife said...

Yeah, nothing runs like a Deere!!!!

As far as the crops? They've dried out but are tacky and tag alot to the stalk.

DH and my BIL have both pickers and strippers (the cotton machine kind) to see which does a better job.

Pickers pick the cotton cleaner but cost more cents per acre to run, but it cost less to gin the cotton.

Strippers are faster and cheaper to run but they leave a lot of trash (burr, leaves, etc.) in the cotton so I cost more to gin and clean it up.

9 cents a pound may not seem like much...but then you add it up over 3000 acres...and, it makes a big difference.

So, we are going to be okay. Just a little down since it wasn't a "fantastic crop" reduced to a general crop. It was more of a general crop reduced to a little sucky.

But, being a Glass Half Full Gal? I see cotton in the field. I see machines picking/stripping it and modules being built. That tells me we'll have dinner on the table next month!

Thanks for askin'!

Anonymous said...

I, too, was wondering how the cotton crop had come through. It is a great thing to see that cotton in the fields!

Country boys just know how to have fun, don't they?
Your FIL is awesome. :)

Chatty said...

This could be an episode of "Pimp My Ride" ; )

That is SO cool - you FIL sounds wonderful - and very innovative, too!