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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Her Brother-in-law is HAWT!

We went to that b-day party today.  The Mom and Dad are good friends and the Dad is also our CPA. The Mom and I are good friends.  She's a nurse and an new entrepreneur starting a new pharmaceutical research company.  [I offered myself up for testing sleep aids and anti-anxiety meds, LOL.]  They are so sweetly and wonderfully friendly, calm and positive.  They are great friends and great people.  They are, should I say it?  Awesome.
Anyhow, the Dad has three brothers.  Known them for years but I always thought it was two brothers and a sister.  But, come to find out the "sister" is the S-I-L and her hubby is the oldest brother.  CPA is calm and fun.  His two younger brothers in their late twenties and thirties are like big "boys."  
You should have seen them jumping around the gymnastics arena where the party was.  And, these guys are tall guys.  All the boys are handsome.  And, kinda' in order of birth -- meaning they got better looking with each spawn.
However, the third born looks just like Val Kilmer.  Only better.  Can you imagine better than Val Kilmer?  Can you imagine Val Kilmer better looking than himself?
He's totally cool too, and nice, and fun and is always helping out with the CPA and his wife's kids.  Kilmer has a daughter a little older than the CPA's three.  CPA has a just turned six-year-old daughter and twin four-year-old boys.  Ha-Ha, that's a little story in itself! *snicker*snort* inside joke with us.
Anyhow. Kilmer is HAWT.  I used to just be star struck by his resemblance to the actor and his great disposition.  Whenever we see him at friendly functions the first think I think is literally, "There's Val Kilmer!"  Okay.  I usually forget that name, along with his real name.  All, I can say, is "Ice Man."  Remember?  Top Gun?  Holy "I was hot for those guys" when I was a young teeny-bopper.
So, usual fashion he walked into the party [with his kinda' new girlfriend in tow] and CPA and wife say, "Y'all remember [Kilmer]?"  To which DH and I agree that, yes we do, and I adlib, "I'm always start struck when he first walks in because I think 'Hey!  It's Ice Man!'"  Everyone gets it and even the girl friend giggles.
[I know why she giggles.  Cuz' she goes home at night to Kilmer.  Ice Man and all.]
Anyhow, this shin-dig was at the gym-athletic club and the party was held in the gymnastics arena.  Kilmer and girlfriend walk in from working out at the gym prior to the party.  Kilmer has a tank shirt on.  Kilmer has awesomely built arms!  I'm talking total "Val Kilmer, Top Gun" body arms.  And, of course the rest that goes with the arms.
He walked away and caught my eye a few minutes later hurling himself in true fun fashion into the pool of foam squares.  The kids love those guys.
And, I felt it.  That little voice that beats morse code in your chest that say, "Um, he's HAWT!!"  See, formerly he was always a "movie star" that I wanted to get an autograph from.  I never noticed the "Hawtness."
Next time me and Mrs. CPA get together I shall have to confess.  I almost confessed to DH -- but, I realized going into the Hawt arms thing might not set as well with him.
Anyhow.  I have this guilty feeling in my gut for crushing noticing another guy's HAWTness.  So, I knew I needed to confess.  And, since church isn't for another twelve hours and I needed to purge -- I'm confessing to my bloggie buddies.
Give me my penance.  But, please be lenient.  It's not my fault, after all, that Kilmer is....Awesomely HAWT.
Okay.  Now I will retire the A word and the H word for awhile.  And, DH and I are going to watch a football game a romantic movie together.  DH also has some Hawt arms.  With Hawt hands.  That medicinally rub my feet and calves.  DH is my lovie and is my Hawtie.
Still, something tells me I'm going to dream "Top Gun" tonight.  :-)



Lis Garrett said...

There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with noticing another guy's "hawtness," although I probably wouldn't make it a point of confessing it to my husband either.

The only time I confess my guy crushes to my husband is when it's a celebrity crush - like the time, not too long ago, when I dreamt about Mark Harmon getting a little too friendly with me, which is just weird, considering he's old enough to be my DAD! And of course I'm crushing on Robert Pattison now because I'm actually transfering my feelings for Edward Cullen (totally fictional character as we all know) on to him. But I won't tell my husband about that one, only because I've got nearly 10 years of seniority on Mr. Pattison. Oh, and he'll laugh me out of town.

Why do I still feel 18 inside, but I keep getting older and older on the outside? It's not fair. I highly doubt, if I met Robert Pattison in real life, he'd actually "go" for a mommy-of-three with an oily face and dishelved hair. Nope. Not happening.

In any event, proceed with your harmless crush. ;-)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

As my sister said, "Just 'cause I'm married, doesn't mean I'm blind."


The Queenophyl said...

um.. three hail mary's.. one hell mary where's the hawtie.. and one oh hell Mary... look at him.. that should hold you until church...

oh wait.. do you have any idea what the code word is down there.. no.. well I'm about to tell you..

felophyl..... wow...I don't know what that is,, but any word that ends in phyl.. after this post.. can't be good...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

sorry, Val Kilmer doesn't do anything for me....can't see the appeal at all!

C said...

LOL, you always crack me up. And you are so forgiven!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just amazed you can confess on your blog! Because? My family reads my blog.

Oh, and my dh is most definitely HAWT. Thin, but hawt.