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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fire and the Field Trip

It's Friday!  And, I'd like to say, "And, on Friday...she rested."  But, we all know that ain't happenin'.  Not around here, anyhow.
After the children go to school today and I take pleasure in a quietly, peaceful home -- I have to clean it.  Been a little behind as I haven't really spent much time here, except to sleep or feed the family.
Enough about all that, though.  Did you see the pictures up top?  Do you know what that is?  That's my fire place, with an actual fire!  Sweeeeeet!  Okay.  So, no.  It's not real logs.  DH said "nope" to that because it creates a smelly, sooty, mess.  :-[
He got me the fake fire log inserts that look really cool and real.  And, it's pretty!!!  And, he's right!  No Mess!  So, FW is a happy Gal.  :-D  [Farmer*s Wife is a spoiled Gal.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIELD TRIP!
This man and woman came down from San Antonio.  They are with a bird rescue facility.
All the birds there have been saved and nursed back to health.
This hawk would fly around out in the open.  It would go land on a building and then come back when summoned.
He even played with the trainer.  Pretending to walk behind him, when he was asked to fly.
Here is a Bald Eagle.  What a beautiful bird.
He is missing half his left wing though.
They didn't tell us what happened.
You can see better here when he attempts to spread his wings. Sad.  But, he's happy and has a safe home now.
These trainer/refuge people were really good with the birds. The kids followed the rules really well too.
Here's the Prince with Little Gal.
When I told them to smile for the picture, he put his arm around her like that.  Too Cute!
He also told me that "Little Gal is his best friend."
Aren't they so super sweet!?
Next was some animal education.  Here are a couple of reptiles.  A baby alligator and a ball python.
So, I did break down and spend a little money.  The kids got "WebKinz."  The first ones they've ever had.  Not like they needed another stuffed animal; though, you can play with these guys virtually too on the internet with a special access code that comes with the pet.
Here is Little Gal posing with her "Sassy" kitty cat.  (Unfortunately, her eyes are closed.)
Farmer, Jr. chose the Parrot. His name is "Fred." Fred has already had hours of play time.  Fred took a bath last night too (I was not aware of this until he handed me the wet bird, requesting that I dry him.)  
No problem though, as I throw these guys in the washing machine once a week, anyhow.
And, one more, just for good measure!  Adorable, right?



C said...

Lemme try this again, it ate my first comment, grr! That fire looks warm as I am freezing my booty today. The field trip looks great, my kids would have had a blast. *I think I just realized we live in the same state??* And yes they are absolutely adorable. Happy Friday and here is to Saturday **raises coffee mug**(and will raise wine glass a little after 5!!)~C

Jennybean said...

how cute are they!

and love the animal pics too!

Knight said...

Aww! The Prince and Lil Gal are so cute. He sounds like such a sweet kid and a good best friend for Lil Gal.

Tink said...

What a fun trip! I think animal rescues are awesome. I donate to one that rehabilitates abused horses and those are some of the sweetest horses you could ever meet. I love the kiddo pictures too. They're adorable, as always.

WV: Bosier. Than who? ;)

Anonymous said...

SnakeMaster has a few Webkinz - 2 snakes & a monkey - he loves to play with them but isn't so much into the feeding & care online (probably because he has to wait so long to get computer time around here). It's a nice, safe website for kiddos.

That sounds/looks like it was a great educational field trip! The baby alligator is the size of SM's leopard gecko. He'd love a snake but mama says NO WAY JOSE!!!

Your fireplace looks absolutely lovely!

I sat down in the recliner for a few minutes this morning...and woke up 3+ hours later. So much for my productive day! oops...
Tonight I'm going out for some gal-pal time, chick flick and a late dinner. :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh, those kids! The Prince really is a prince, isn't he?

Newt said...

Awww what cuties! We have the National Eagle Center not far from us and a Raptor center and I hear a wild cat rescue on the way to my cabin. Your pictures are awesome. And the fire place looks like a good place to curl up with a book. Don't be surprised if you find me sitting there.

Farmer*swife said...

FYI, when we started out Lil'Gal had socks on and clips in her hair. I try not to send my children to school a scrambled mess.

She's strong willed though and so sometimes some things have to give. ie: the hair clips half way through the day and the socks...

*sigh* ;-)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh they are all so cute ... and loved the fireplace photo. Perhaps we will turn ours on soon, when the daytime temp drops below 74 :-)

Hope you have a fab-o weekend. Post today is gonna be on setting the table.

Jennifer said...

I lit my fireplace for the second time today. I use the "fake burning logs" (Duraflame things) because I have NO CLUE how to build a real fire! lol.