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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Count Your Awesome.

We are about to depart for a birthday party.  Everyone is up, dressed, and cooperating quite nicely.  Lil'Gal even let me put a pony tail in her hair with a large pink ribbon!  YAY!  No temper tantrums either -- Totally Awesome!
She's decided she's going to be a "Tinker."  Not because the dress and skirt are cute, those are just perks.  But, because "Tinkers" make things and fix things.  So, that is her career goal for today.  I think that is pretty awesome!
I received an award (like two weeks ago) and downloaded it but never had it posted over here.  It was for all my hard work wrestling those Gremlins.  
Thanks "Fairy Princess"!  Sorry it took me so long to get it up!  Oh, and thanks for adding me to the blog roll again!  (She revamped her place.  Totally, pink, sweet and there is even a Unicorn.  I *heart* unicorns.  They are awesome!)
Have you counted your awesomeness today?  It's Saturday.  Saturday is a good day for counting awesomes.  Awesomeness is a list of all the things you need a pat on the back for.  Did you brush your teeth the full 60 seconds this morning?  Awesome!
Having a home, that's pretty awesome.  Good family is awesome.  Having friends is awesome. Having a blog is definitely awesome!
I turned in another article to Lis with Root & Sprout and she loved it!  YAY!  Super YAY!  Super AWESOME! 
I wouldn't be able to participate in all of this if it weren't for the internet.  So, the internet is awesome!
Today, I feel awesome.  I'm counting my awesomeness and the "awesomes" in my life.
Happy Saturday!  Hope your's is Awesome!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

hey, can't wait to see the R and S article!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl - I need to update my blog and my blogroll and I just never seem to get around to it. Ugh. Maintenance isn't my thing. Writing is. LOL


You're awesome! Totally. :)

Lis Garrett said...

Awesome!! *giggle*

The Queen said...

Awesome!! *double giggle and a snortlaugh!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I brushed my teeth! I get awesome points!! Yay!