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Monday, November 10, 2008

Bite ME, Murphy!

"Murphy's Law" Remember him?  Murphy?  And, his law(s)?  You know, the whole "if anything can go wrong, it will" concept.  Like, he was the first person to realize, "Hey, this is a really enigmatic concept!  I can't believe no one realized this before me."  So, then he creates this set of Rules and coins the basic phrase, "if anything can go wrong -- it will." 
In actuality it happened more by accident.  Apparently, Mr. Murphy was at a Naval Base (if I remember correctly) and he was working on some new instrument of measure.  Supposedly the technician working on the project [it couldn't possibly have been Murphy himself, now could it] didn't do something correctly and the machine failed.  And, so then this Murphy guy said something like, "If there's anyway to get it wrong, he [the technician] will."
There was a person in charge of recording the research and also keeping up with certain laws that were imposed.  My understanding is that this guy wrote down this comment and dubbed it as "Murphy's Law."
You know what?  Murphy is a Pie-Hole!  Oh yeah.  A big, pessimistic, thief of a Pie-Hole.  Did you know that this idea and concept and understanding of the "enigmatic" was formerly known as "Sod's Law?"
Unfortunately, back in 'the day' the term "sod" carried with it a negative worth.  [Personally, I would find that quite befitting a negative rule of law.  I'm just sayin'.]
Anyhow, enough wrangling history.  I had a "Murphy Day" today.
But I so, TOTALLY KICKED Murphy's Pie-Hole!  :-D
This morning was sprouting beautifully from all the seeds planted the day before and the tending to them, late into the night and wee early morning hours of today.  
The coffee pot percolated at 5:30 a.m. and I was already up tending to the "first dos" before it finished.  And, that included the wake-up from Lil'Gal at 2:00 a.m. and the whole potty, change bottoms, yada-yada get her back to sleep routine.
Breakfast:  check School:  check School Fundraiser Tickets:  check
Notary:  check Extra unexpected needy cell phone calls:  check
All the while, waiting on a very important call for an article I'm writing.  A call from a prominent and respected children's hospital, which came while in route to my next scheduled event.  Responsibly, I explain I am in route and that I will return the call in "five minutes" after exiting and finding a safe place to continue the call.
And, I do so.  But, apparently where we are located down here in the state of Texas and where she is located in the state of Ohio?  My phone will not dial out or return the call.  In a panic, as I do not want to appear unprofessional or flaky, I high tale it back on the freeway to a well know free "Wi-Fi" zone so I can email her promptly to return my call.
I get there, and race and scramble for a desk or table where I can get away with talking and still take notations on Macxine.  The free "Wi-Fi" now requires payment.  I was willing to pay at this point to save face, but I didn't have time to deal with all the bull-manure paperwork.
So, I exit quickly at full trot and jump back into the SUV and head to the used book store.  Surely they have free Wi-Fi because they appreciate their clientele.  I grab Macxine's bag, my purse, and scramble into the door while chirping the SUV behind me.  As I race in I almost run into a great friend and associate and am blabbily rambling what is going on -- and how important this is -- and why I want to do it -- and that the "Fab B&N bookstore now sucks Pie because they don't have free Wi-Fi."  
Said friend shares that the used book store doesn't either.  Stupid Book stores.  But, he hands me his phone and says, "Take your time... all the time you need."  But, his phone won't dial out the number either.  And, we are with separate service providers.  [Oh, I am SO taking this up with my mobile service tomorrow -- I better get some free something for how big they could have screwed up my whole "cloud nine" plan.  Pie-Holes.]
So, I dial information for the number to the hospital because information will then dial it for you -- SMART, HUH?  Yeah, the brain cells finally jump started.  I asked for the particular person and rambled my message and she finally got it, called me back, and totally understood that we live in Pie-ville land.  YAY!
So, my interview is set up with the cool, fabu-tastically, awesome source for my article.  And, I have another one or two lined up for tomorrow also.  And, I wasn't able to talk with a researcher directly because she has a big lab project due.  Buuu-uuut, the correspondent was totally able to get her to answer my questions in a quotable manner! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I totally kicked Murphy in his Pie-Hole!  :-D
And, after that was all under control?  I had regained the title as "Ruler of My Day" and every other idiom bowed down before me as I went about my business.
How's that for a Monday!  Murphy? Who did he think he was dealin' with?
This is Farmer*sWife.  And, I say,
"Happy Kick-Pie Monday!"
[Editor's note:  Should you want more info and all the other laws applicable to "Murphy" go here:]



Anonymous said...

Kick-Pie Monday!! Is that like kicking cow pies? ;)

Way to not freak out but keep level-headed and come up with a plan to work around the seemingly unworkable!

Lis Garrett said...

Unless you're writing for some other online parenting magazine, I'm pretty sure the article to which you're referring is "my" article. Yeah . . . I think I'm gonna owe you BIG time!

Juggling Act said...

You're a riot. Glad Murphy got the boot :-)

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Damn that Murphy!! 'bout time someone kicked his butt!! glad it all worked out well... crossing fingers for more good luck for you!!

Jay said...

I really hate it when places want to charge for wi-fi. That just sucks.

Usually coffee places have free wi-fi. Well except for Starbucks stores in Springfield MO. Losers.

And libraries usually have free wi-fi. You can even steal .. er .. borrow theirs from your car.

Oh and hotels! Yeah, lots of hotels have free wi-fi and you can pick up their signals in the parking lot too. Not that I've ever done anything like that at all. Nope. Not me. Never. It just seems like it would work. Yeah, that's it. I'm totally guessing. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

Lis :-)

jay I forgot to mention that after leaving the B&N there is a hotel right next door and I did pull up to it and it did have service; but, it wanted a code.

Last time I was at a hotel I didn't have to enter a code. We are just cheap around here.

I had also used the Wi-Fi outside the hospital early in the morning since I had to be there for a notary job; the parking garage got in the way a little but the service was open.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

holy cats, you said it though: if something isn't working, KEEP TRYING

C said...

You are a ray of sunshine my friend. Even when I 'want' to be in a bad mood, reading your words perks me up! And that is amazing. Have a happy Tuesday!

Baseball Mom said...

Man I was reading in a hurry trying to get to the end of the story. Glad it all worked out.

Remember the all the past, present, & future Veterans today!!

Anonymous said...

good job my friend, I would have been in sheer panic pulling my hair out!

oh, and just FYI. my code down there just made my day. What is it you may ask?


*peed a little

Jennifer said...

Hey, I just tagged you, hopefully you have not done this one before.

Anonymous said...

An award for you over at my place - come and get it! :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I *so* understood what you said about the person give you good quotes -- gosh, that makes writing *so* much easier. (I was a journalism major and reporter/editor for 10 years, so I know how that all works.) Glad everything worked out. I've been showing property to people from Hawaii, who I hate to say are Chinese and *very* difficult to understand. Thankfully, I only had to do email stuff today, so had time to actually goof off a bit and not be exhausted (hey, but I still managed to clean the house downstairs in less than 40 mins after I got done with work yesterday) OK< I am rambling -- great post!

Memarie Lane said...

sometimes you just gotta grab the back of ol' murphy's shorts and pull them up over his head.