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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Super Mom! Wonder Mom! Awesome Activate!!!

HOWDY!  Here I am!  Hello?  Out there? Yeah, I'm here?  Kay, I'll wait.  Finish what you're up to and I'll just ramble in the meantime.
So, yes.  I've been so busy.  I've been out of pocket.  It is incredible how a person can bounce through the day in "pin-ball" fashion and get so much done.
The family lunch at school turned out great!  I even got some work done at the local "ice cream and grilled cheese" burger place that is awesome enough to have free Wi-Fi accessible from their parking lot.  Even when they are closed...  I need to send them a thankful note.  I need to send a couple, anonymously and from different return addresses so that they get the impression that everyone is loving their Wi-Fi -- and not just the Farmer*s Wife in the white SUV who brings her Lap Top in and buys nothing or maybe a tea.
After all was said, done, eaten up and cleaned -- there was the school project going on with Wonder-Mom.  I finally came up with a "catchy" name for her. Apparently, "Super" was already taken. (It's my blog; I can dominate a term if I want to.) :-) 
She's awesome like me though, she encompasses more patience and kindness.  And, she's fun and witty and she'll drink a beer now and then.  Oh, and she's crafty and "thrifty too."  [Right up my alley, huh?]
I'm all the Super - in the Super Hero Mom analogy.  [My costume even reads "SAHM."  Which stands for "Super-Awesome HAWT Mama" a/k/a Stay At Home Mom.]  But, she's a whole lot of Wonder.  So, we have joined forces and together there will be no project, child or task we can not tackle!
With that, I'm off to get dressed for the field trip today.  I do realize this shows it posted late last night -- but, I fell asleep in the middle.  So, I had to finish up with my humungo cup of Joe that I'm not about to "rebrew" with a little added caffeine.  
I just have to make it through today and then it'll all be down hill to my SUPER-FAVORITE Day of the Week -- FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!!!!
On a side note, the "Knight" will be riding with us today.  He and Lil'Gal worked it all out at school yesterday since his mom can't attend the field trip after all.  Lil'Gal is thrilled.  Farmer, Jr. will apparently be the third wheel.
I'm going to capture lots of pictures and a few of the adorable little couple too!  I'll put them up here later tonight. ;-)
And, with that?
Happy [Almost Friday] Thursday!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whew! I was getting worried about you! Then I clicked over to Grow Together and saw that you had been posting over there some, so I knew you hadn't totally dropped off the edge of the earth! I figured then that you were doing Mommy stuff.
Glad you're back! :)