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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Thankful for November...and the other months too!

Kcinnova at her place Kcinnova’s World, is doing a little thing about what we are thankful for.  She plans to have a little drawing for those who participate either by comment to her blog or a post.  I chose to do a post.  So, here it is:
What are some things you’re thankful for?
This list would fill up my total space in blogger to name persons, events, luxuries, health and so on.  I guess the best way to sum up what I am thankful for is my creation.  Had I not been created and put on this earth, yucky-sucky childhood, or not?  I would not be and have and feel all that I do today and every day.  No matter what?  I am always so happy to wake up in the morning.  I look forward to the next day.  I look forward to life.  I have a wonderful life full of a wonderful family and a wonderful foundation of people all around me who care about me.
I'm thankful for my faith and the Lord who put me here; I'm most thankful for Life.
What unexpected gifts have you received and/or given? How were these a blessing to you?
Life is always sharing little blessings and little, unexpected gifts with me.  I've received the gift of new friendships.  Built in this cyber world, built within the school parental system, built within my faith.  The friendships built within cyber space is a truly unexpected gift.  Who knew....
My orange tree finally sprouted tons of leaves!  After living here since spring.
On a tangible side, I've received lots of little gifts that were unexpected.  Most recently?  A mom from school who is a whole lot like me.  Yet, she does more.  She is a positive influence on me to be a better mom and to be more involved with the kids and their school.  Which is something I already wanted to do anyhow.  She fell in my lap so she is an unexpected gift.  She called me yesterday?  And, asked me, "Would you like a wine fridge?"  [Those fancy little wine coolers that keep dual temps so the reds and white are maintained appropriately.]
Have I thought about what it would be like on a rare, rare occasion?  Yes, when passing one in the local Super-Store.  But, that's as far as it's ever gone.  I inquired why she wouldn't sell it if they didn't want or need it themselves.  Compared to what she would get for selling it?  vs. What she would get for giving it to me?  She wanted to give it to me.    Totally unexpected.  Totally appreciated!
How do you practice contentment?
I practice contentment daily.  When bad things are strewn our way?  I don't lose my contentment in what I have.  I just have to deal with the problem as best as I can...emotionally, physically, financially.  I am so blessed in so many ways.  Nothing is ever perfect.  But, my life is almost perfection in such an imperfect world.
I find that I really don't need more than I have.  Though, it would be nice to have a new video camera that I could totally rock the vlog with, I'm not pining for one.  I want to have enough funding to send my children to college.  A new blouse is nice once awhile.  But, I'm not materialistic.  I've lived with less and been just as gratified.  Contentment is not a way to be?  But, a state of mind.  I lived by this creed, "To be blessed, and blessed more, you must first truly appreciate all that you have."  And, I do.  Daily.
What are you thankful for?
Happy Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, FW! I'm thankful you posted!
As a deeply committed optimist, I knew you would have a post for me!

I'll have to think on this idea of contentment being a state of mind rather than a way to be.

When you said your post was up, I thought you were talking about the WWC! *grin*

tt said...

Beautiful and inspiring! You and your post. I, too amd thankful for the cyberfriendships I've found. You especially. :)
I, unfortunately, need to be reminded to see my glass as half ful on some days. Not all the time..but life sometimes pulls the rug out from under me...and then I go visit you and...POW! I'm back on top and ready for another challenge.
I'm so keeping you in my heart for all time.

That Kcinnova is pretty remarkable too isn't she?....yes!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

like you said, who knew?