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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Talkin' Turkey!

Everything has been cooking up nicely around here!  See, we are having two Thanksgivings.  The awesome one at my Fabulous-in-all-ways MIL and FIL's house on Thursday.   Mom and Baby Brother will come out to eat and visit too.  Then, my Daddy flies in from AR on Friday and the second and third born are also driving down for the weekend!
YAY!  Squeeeeee!  Super-Squeeeee!
So, we are having a second Turkey day on Saturday.  See, last year all the divorce stuff was still dragging it's pie along -- crap-diddly.  So, we didn't have a Thanksgiving.  Well, WE did, and the boys went to visit Daddy in the woods and I'm sure they ate well.  [Those guys always eat well.]
But, we lacked the tradition of the family together.  Because we were still being torn apart by the stupid "D" thing.
This year, we are in our new castle.  Daddy or Big SJ haven't seen it completed.  Last time they saw the house, it was framed out on a big concrete slab.
So, in an effort to allow most of our limited time for visiting and chowing down.  I'm doing all the big cooking and prep a few days early.  It's amazing what you can freeze fresh!
Homemade Cornbread Dressing?  Check (three dishes; they're big boys and big eaters!) ;-)
Sweet Potato (awesome MIL's recipe) Casserole?  Check
Green Bean Casserole?  Check
Awesomely most delicious Yeast Rolls you've ever eaten?  Check...  well, the dough has risen nicely in the bread maker and it patiently waiting for me to shape it into about 30 rolls.  They freeze wonderfully and bake up sniff-smell-scent-taster-ifically!!!  :-D
Turkey in fridge to defrost?  Check
Big SJ bringing turkey to fry?  Check  [Can he fry a turkey?  Oh, YES he CAN!]
[Yes, we are having two turkeys.  I told ya' they are big eaters and they all want some lefties to take home.  The boys are all bachelors now.]
All that is left after I shape the fabulous Yeast rolls?  Making the Apple Cobbler and the Cherry Pies.
Oh, and I already have a phone interview lined up for one of the articles I signed up for with Root & Sprout's January issue.  I might even have two that day -- if my second source if available!  Now, I just gotta' get on a "HARO" query for the other two I signed up for.  Though, I already have a few sources and stuff lined out and some notes!  I'm ahead of DECEMBER!  Yippie YAY!
Friday morning I'll be making Sour Cream Enchiladas, some spanish rice, and big hot pot of beans.  DH will pick up some fresh, hot, and SPICY tamales to go with.  I'll accompany this Mexican Meal with my freshly made "super hot" chile piquin/petin hot sauce.  [I rock the hot sauce.  I also rock the beans.  Well, and the Enchilada Casserole.  Okay, I just rock! LOL!]
So, cooking done and set aside?  Tomorrow I get to do the fall cleaning detail and making up beds with fresh, crisp linens.
DH put the Christmas lights up yesterday!  Squeeeeee!  We are starting a little early since the family is coming down.  And, we are going to "speed up" tradition and put the tree up tonight.  So, Daddy and the boys can enjoy a little Christmas "Farmer*s Wife" style."
Tomorrow I'll join my Kiwanis club in assembling Thanksgiving meals for those less fortunate. I'll be delivering two with freshly and hot smoked turkeys and full meals to go with.
Everything is falling into place.  I'm thankful.  I'm Happy.  I'm Thankfully Happy.  I'm also giving.  I'll be giving some gifts this weekend.  And, I'll be mailing out some "Thankful and Joy" this coming week.
Be Happy.  Be Thankful.  Be Giving.
Happy Turkey Tuesday!



g-man said...

Im hungry now, thanks. :)

Enjoy the time with your family!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Ok, I was fine until you said you were gonna put a Chistmas tree, too!I dunno where you get the energy! ... BTW, I already have my Wednesday post written for when I leave tomorrow -- actually it's a great funny Thanksgiving card, so check back about 2 p.m. tomorrow your time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some wonderful family time coming your way this weekend! Enjoy!
I'd like to pop over on Friday to eat some good Tex-Mex with all y'all, if that's okay. Yes? Good. Thanks!

You might just be inspiring me to get out the Christmas lights for dh to deal with on Friday. (That is more likely than me being at Kohl's at 4am!)

Good for you, delivering meals. :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you are soooooo busy!

C said...

I don't have to do anything but host and mash tators. I have to clean today. The kitchen is a mess because DH decided to inject the turkey last night and then seasoned the outside of it...AFTER I WENT TO BED! So besides normal cleaning I have a big ole mess in the kitchen, the main place for tomorrow!

Sounds like a great menu!