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Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Wrestle Them, The 411

Fairy Tale Princess offered up some Saturday Suggestions [I realize it is barely still Sunday now, but I've been a busy Farmer*sWife.]
She provided some "challenges" for her bloggie friends and a few were actually personalized to a particular bloggie.
tt gets:  How to be happy all the time.  Sweet assignment!
ff gets:  How to fry or otherwise cook venison.   Super Sweet assignment!
FW gets:  How to wrangle Gremlins without breaking a sweat. WTF (edited)?
Aren't I all the know about happy?  Aren't I all the know about cooking [venison, yummy]?
How come "I" get the dag-gum-Gremlins again?
So, I considered my blog schedule I griped.  I whined.  I p-i-ss-ed and moaned. and happily agreed.  Cuz' I'm all sweet and mushy that way (and I don't want her to quit "Following Me.")
So.  Here is how the Gremlin wrestling went down today.
Great long morning.  Dress and head to breakfast, church, CCD.  It's a pattern, as my children remind me.  Because we are all quite structured and routined and well planned around here.  Well, except Lil'Gal.  She does what-ever-the fly-by she feels like.
Then, we return home.  I change clothes and get ready for "Operation:  Prepare for the week, this week's mission?  Wrangle the Gremlins."  Well, first Lil'Gal gave me a make-over because I had promised her (to get her to do something else earlier in the day).
Then?  I hit the mission.  
1) Kids Rooms.  Kids helping.  Clean, de-clutter, with assistance from Mom.  Assistance being I carry a secret hidden bag and all the "Gremlin bait" scattered through the kids rooms?  TRASH.
2) Sock dusting.  Oh yes.  See, I rarely go barefoot even in my own home.  Just because...if there is a crumb or dirt track?  I am very uncomfortable stepping on/into it.  It's about as bad as wearing socks and walking into something wet.  Yuk.  But, as I spot those sneaky dust bunnies (they tease out the Gremlins) I "sock dust" them.  Then, after a few hours of tending to my day and "sock dusting?"  The socks go in the wash.  Gremlin chum?  GONE.
3)  After dinner.  All dishes go in the dishwasher and anything else that might need a once over that I can fit in there.  I *heart* my dishwasher.  Course, I went without one for over ten years (and with two small children).  Then, I run it.
4)  Manage the laundry.  Search the house for all possible remnants of clothing, sort and run those loads.  Then, in the evening fold and hang all of it.  ALL of it.  Every tiny item.  Then put away immediately so that it is stored and invulnerable to the Gremlins.
5)  Do ANYTHING else I possibly can in advance.  And, leave no chore or duty until the following day.  Because, if I do?  Leave it somehow incomplete?  The Gremlins will have a party with it while I sleep.  And, I will curse myself along with the Gremlins the next day.
6)  Marry someone who's related to someone with a Pest Control.  Free Gremlin bait.
7)  Fill the coffee pot.  Be sure to include, FILTER, coffee grounds AND water (it's not pretty when it happens any other way).  Double check the timer, before going to bed.  (If you wake during the night?  Double check it again.  Just in case.  And, make a trip around the house to "sniff out" any possible Gremlins in action.)
8)  Keep wine on hand and drink it prior to falling asleep.
If you follow all this?  You will be able to wrestle the Gremlins that attack your home, and do so without breaking even a slight "perspiration.".  The hard part comes?  When you want to do anything else but worry about the Gremlins.



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

WOW! There's a day, huh? Our vacuum died yesterday! Our floors have been decorated by the gremlins alright.....
thanks for the germ advice, you said it---people will be touching their nose then the door handle and then you come along and....
well, anyway, wouldn't it be better if you could have lemonade and vodka becuase you want to, not because your head is stuffed???????

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

hehe... I knew you could tackle that assignment!! Now send some gremlin bait my way... better yet, get your hands on some really nasty Gremlin POISON!! I don't want the buggers coming back again! You're just wonderful! And the sickening part is that your hair is probably perfect and you're probably cute as a button at the end of the day. You make me ill. LOL... Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I have noted that the gremlins are scared away if I square the kitchen away before going to bed. The coffee pot timer is always set for 4:45am, and if dh's breakfast & lunch are already packed and in the fridge, life is so much easier.
The paper clutter is what overwhelms me. I swear paper reproduces like rabbits!! (Think school forms x4, plus assorted activities involved in a family of 6. YIKES!)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I am truly proud of you -- that is an incredible house run-through to get everything in order. KC had a great idea, too, with doing the lunches etc in advance. And *you know* our coffee pot is always set for the a.m. before I even serve dinner the night before. :-)