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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wanting, Hoping, Willing it to come...

Howdy all,
It's me the happy Gal!  Though, my mind is in overdrive.  I looked that up in the dictionary and that word was not there.  Oddly strange in this 21st century, don't you agree?  Anyhow, I'll define it myself and maybe submit it to the authors who put together "Webster's New World Dictionary."  
I assumed by "New World" it meant -- up to date with all the new words we've created in the last six to twelve months; and, of course the one's we created the year before and the old one we don't use anymore.  Apparently, I miss-informed myself.
So, guess what.  The good adrenaline over-pumped.  Yeah.  Did you know adrenaline can go bad?  It can havoc your body while your mind is totally in control of things.  I think another term for this particular chemical reaction in the body is commonly known as "anxiety."
I'm not an anxious person.  Hyper, I've been told.  Obsessive compulsive, my friends have witnessed.  Which, I don't see what the big deal is with that if it keeps you in control of your life, your world, and your mind.  Okay, so there is a lot of repeat activity in the day and I don't do well with unexpected change or unplanned spontaneity.  But it keeps me on top of the issues and events that must occur within the day and in a scheduled manner.
In other words, it keeps me in control. ;-)  Type-A personalities are really serious about the control thing.  [Y'all didn't realize I was a Type-A?  Oh, Type-A's can be really happy and be-bop!  Just don't mess with their "Be" or their "Bop."]  
Anyhow, I'm not an anxious person.  I'm not like the skittish cat or the dog with the twitch. But, I will say, chemicals can defect.  And, I am one of those who carry that genetic flaw.  Dad brought us all up to speed when we all started having the "WTF?" moments.  [And, no.  I did not just say the F-word.  I have a "flip" alternative for that. ;-)]
Things are great!  I pinned it!  I hit the nail on the head and came through as myself and not a lazy, happy-go-lucky, yada-yada, Gal.  I made an impression.  And, I'm so ready and excited to do it again.  I have some important and awesome stuff layed out these next few days to get me one step further to what my goal is -- Because remember?   I am Better Than I AM.
And, then suddenly....the adrenaline hit.  Like too much sugar to a diabetic, it's too much adrenaline for me.  For the overly high-speed person I already am?  It's a total backfire.  And, when I'm already flying up to speed and over cloud nine looking for my destination where I plan to land?  Adrenaline is not needed.
Anyhow.  Blabbity-blabbity and y'all are all thinking "What is the point going on in here today!?"
I want it.   I am highly hopeful.  I am "Willing" it to come.  As stated in the book, The Secret, you have to put it out there and know it is yours.  Because whatever you send out?  Will be sent back in multi-fold.  And, I'm living proof because I have always lived my life that way.  And living that way, has brought me to where I am, to what I have, and to those I love.
And, I don't believe I am overly deserving.  Please don't take me as an "ego maniac."  I'm just open.  Positive.  Appreciative.  And, welcoming.  I'm mindfully using my "will-power" to bring me my next endeavor.
So, starting tomorrow?  I'm working on the second nail.  
All nail, all hammer, no thumb.
Because to s/he who wants it?  It will come.
"Happy Optimistic Day.  
Don't let your adrenaline get in your way.  
Just do what you do and be who you choose.
And, the rest will follow in suit to you."
With that? 
Gd'Night to Sunday and a Good Happy Monday to ya'!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I can believe you have some will power.
Way to go, FW, can't wait to see what Monday brings!

Anonymous said...

I think I must be a Type B. LOL


kayla said...

I feel that for sure. I can relate to your whole blog, lol. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.And I hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a Type B. I thought my dh was also a type B when we married...but graduate school brought out his true Type A-ness. He usually only shows that side at work, but when he retires? Watch out!! (I'll be getting a job then!)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I know that anxious feeling ... I was at a listing appointment today and jumped when their clock went off on the hour. I guess that's whyt God cerated gin. :-)

Jay said...

For some reason I feel like I need to take a nap after reading your blog. I think it's because I try to read it as fast as I know you talk and move. LOL ;-)

Lis Garrett said...