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Monday, November 3, 2008

November Monday Morning!

Good mornin' all!
It's 59 degrees outside.  Though, it will be in the 80s by mid-afternoon!  I'm the first one up for my super sized cup of "joe."  I like to be the first one up to enjoy the calm and quiet.  Well, actually, I'm usually the first one up during the week.  But, I kicked my wake-up time up by an extra 30 minutes because we've been scrambling to make out it the door these days -- and I hate a flustered rush in the mornings.
[Did I mention, I've basically been up since 2:a.m.?  Yeah, played the dozy game on the couch.]
Yesterday, I was going through a SUV full of saved items from the attic at the old house.  Total Mommy flashback.  The tiny little onsies and tiny little outfits that I so adored on my babies.  And, now they are eight and ten times the size they were when born.
It goes by all too quickly!  Lil'Gal sees these adorably cute "baby doll" clothes.  I share a few with her and now her babies are dressed as a reminder to me when she was so small.
The rest of the stuff I went through and sorted out and will be donated to the local Head Start program; and, maybe some to the Women's Shelter too.  I once again wittled down all the things a Mommy saves.
Oh, and I went through the old records my Uncle gave me.  I could totally "ebay" those for some bucks!  And, then my box of school memories?  Any of y'all have one of those?  Course, I reviewed the pictures and there were a few I decided to get rid of.  People I just couldn't remember anymore, or quite frankly?  Didn't want to.
Oh, and I have great letters from old beaus in the early days.  And, a picture of my biggest high school crush.  Gosh, I was head over heals for him.  He was a senior and I was a junior.  I did finally get my "fairy tale" date....though, it wasn't so much the fairy tale.  And, I'm a good Gal so I didn't go anywhere near the distance.  [It was one of those double dates.]
He was a total gentleman about the whole thing.  Until, the next day when he broke my heart.  So, my senior friends took me out with them to their college friends/boyfriend's party.  My first experience with "quarters."  Yeah!  It was a lot of fun.  I rocked at quarters.  Until, I passed out.
Then, some drunk guy carried me down the hallway and slammed my head into a picture frame as he entered the bedroom doorway.  And, of course?  Once at that particular level of intoxication?  And, a heart break?  The crying begins.  And, their was a college girl there who's major was in psychology -- and, she being so well educated (what, six months into her first year?) found me prime time practice!  [The next morning I had my first encounter with a "hang-over."]
My crush was pretty much a piehole after that.  And, he knew it.  And, he felt bad about being a piehole.  He gave me a big (heart gushing) hug upon the day of graduation.  [He was still super hot and so awesomely charismatic.]  I was also invited to that party!  By other senior friends and association.  Most of them lavished the booze available, but me being the Good Gal and all tended to remain guarded about it.  [Oh, and there was always that two day hang-over reminder.]
In the end the "crush" went off to be an actor.  He'd acted in all the school events (and, was quite good) and possibly some other talent arenas in town.  He did finally land a roll (a dorky one, though, but still a role) in a major hit movie.  It was a comedy.   I can't remember which one of two that came out at the time it was.
Oh, and he did send me a letter.  A real letter, before everyone totally fell over the technology email bar.  And, he apologized for being a piehole.  And, he said lots of other gushy stuff.  I *heart* that letter.  It/He totally validated my being different and not afraid to assert my virtuousness. [Though, secretly?  I sometimes wonder what it would have been like.  Teenage, crushing so hard on someone, with wild hormones?  I totally wonder.]  Shhh, don't tell.
Anyhow.  Time sure does fly, huh?  Just like this morning's review of yesterday's memory lane.  So, I'm off to do the Mama thing.  Then, I have a notary for $$ and I plan to hit the main Library down town city central.  Need some good stuff for my articles I'm working on for Lis and Root and Sprout E-zine!
YAY!  What a great Monday!  I *heart* November!  
Happy Monday Morning!



Anonymous said...

Good Morning, FW!
My brain is still mush (despite being up for the past 3 hours) because I haven't had my coffee yet. (whimper)
Another 30 minutes, then I can get my labs done for bloodwork, THEN I can eat and have a cup of coffee.

HA! word verification is "comaness" which pretty much describes my mornings without coffee!

Jay said...

I don't really have a box full of memories from high school or anything like that. Heck, I don't even have my old high school yearbooks anymore.

I was talking to an old friend from high school not too long ago, and she couldn't believe I didn't have anything from back in the day. She has kept EVERYTHING!

Jennifer said...

yea, time flies. I was looking at old sorority pictures today and realized that was 15 years ago. I'm no longer a young chica!

Kelly Dawn said...

oh hell...i have been there and done then you look back and think omg what the hell was i thinking?