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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

$1.00 off DOWNY!

Since Harry is on vacation for a couple of days, I thought I'd pop in a savings coupon here.  I originally looked it up for A Mother's Walk cuz' she's a Downy Gal.  I'm a "Snuggle" Gal - it's all about the Blue Sparkle.
Anyhow, click there and sign up for your $1.oo off coupon to be mailed.  Then, before hitting submit, sign up for those two news letters the bottom.  They'll send you coupons in your "inbox."  Too easy!  "Easy-Peasy," one might say!
Happy Day, again!



C said...

Totally grateful for that one. I signed up and it told me in the mail!! I am so happy and maybe DH will be too *wink*!

Have a great evening..~C

Anonymous said...

I'm back.. hope over and grab you an Island.. as if I don't know which one you will want... ha ha ha.. and yes.. you may link me to this blog..let the stalking begin..I'm rested now..

I'm in the building process so take your patience pills..(is that the right spelling?)

Baseball Mom said...

Thanks. :) That was "Easy-Peasy". :)

Jennifer said...

I have never used DOWNY. In fact, I don't you fabric softner in the wash--only the dry sheets. BUT this is a great deal for those who do! :))