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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't Forget About Tim...

I'm not going into all the stuff that probably a lot of bloggers will about "yada-yada" about what day it is.  I'll let them do it because they are better at it anyway. ;-)
If we don't know by now what important day this is?  Then, we need to be flogged.
I miss this man.  Tonight would have been like Christmas for him!  I loved his enthusiasm for politics and the American system.  Even though I don't follow tons and tons about politics.
He made me enjoy watching and learning about politics, though.  I so wish he wouldn't have been take so soon.  I also wish he would have at least been able to cover this election with us -- in his serious and yet bantering way.
So, please think of Tim today too.  While you are on your way and also when you are doing that thing we are all supposed to do today (unless you did it early and/or mailed it in).
Tonight?  When watching all the coverage of this historic election? (Aren't they all historic though, really?)  I'll be missing Tim and his dedication, his excitement about the system, and his un-biased coverage.
For more about Tim, click here. Happy V-Day Tuesday!



C said...

Happy Tuesday...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

YES, happy Tuesday FW!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one girlfriend.. he was awesome to watch..

Have a great voting day...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

What a great couple of posts -- was a nice breather for me. :-)

I still have not been able to spend some quality time at R&S's but I will try today (after grocery shopping and voting, of course)


Lis Garrett said...

My husband and I were just talking about him last night. :-(

Anonymous said...


He is missed by many.

Knight said...

What an excellent idea for a post today! Thank you! I will think about Tim.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks y'all. He was truly good at what he did. And, he really cared about his job, his views, his interpretations and fairness to the people.

I've found no analyst tonight who has give me anywhere near the same as he did all these years.

Happy Voting. Happy Freedom. Happy America to us all.

tt said...

yes...he's missed! He was one person I could actually understand and found his banter refreshing and understandable.
happiness to you always!