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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coming to you LIVE, via the SUV!

Obviously, the internet is down at our house.  Well, not just our house -- all of us, in my little FW farm village.  The main tower we have access to bounce our signal from is down.  And, we can't call the guy cuz' it's not our tower.  But, I am hopeful, begging, praying, going through withdrawals sure the tower's owner has already called "their guy" to fix their tower.
So,  being without access for so long, (I left the house at 2:45 yesterday to pick up the kids and headed to gymnastics) I had to find a place to access my cyber world.  Guess where I am?  Guess.
I'm sitting in the front seat of my SUV cross legged and using my console for a desk top.  Yep.  People are driving by and looking at me crazy.  The little corner eatery isn't even open yet.  They are more of an "early lunch crowd through late night drive through" kinda' place.  They specialize in ice cream so that all makes sense. [Did you figure out what eatery I'm talking about yet?]
I hope someone doesn't call the sheriff on me.  Someone is working on maintenance at the place this morning.  There go some more people looking at me like I'm weird.
So, I did a bad-bad thing yesterday.  I had errands and a notary in town and while there, I popped into the awesome store full of awesome stuff.  The idea was to purchase the new "Taylor Swift" CD that was released yesterday (I've been waiting two months) and while there, I would go over to the computer department and look at all the pretty wireless printers.
So I did.  I also picked up some new ink cartridges for DH's printer at the office so I can print some more of those pretty Root & Sprout flyers to pass out and post to bulletin boards everywhere.  (Spreading the word and all, you know.  You can find the link to print here:  Grow Together if you want to help the cause.)
When I left, I discovered there was a big box in my cart.  In addition to the "Taylor Swift" CD and the ink cartridges.  While pondering how it got there, I loaded it in the back of my SUV.  When I got home with a truck full of groceries and everything else that had been cluttered into the vehicle, I found the box was still there.   Quite large.  Quite pretty.
Not sure what to do with it, I put it in my closet.  Kinda' behind some other boxes and stuff.  The black out had me worried that I might have stolen the box (and it's contents).  But, it's finally coming back to me.  In bits and pieces, like a dream.  I think I bought it.  The pretty, wireless, "I do everything" printer.
Though I don't remember scanning the card or writing a check or signing anything, I do have the CD playing in my SUV and I do have the box in my closet.  So, we will just see what happens from here.
On another note, I received a sweet little award yesterday.  I just didn't get the chance to post it because -- well, you know.  kc had this little challenge for bloggies to share about some "thankfulness" and "happy" in their lives.  Knowing me, I obviously had to participate in this.
I didn't win the prize:  Harry did.  But, he is deserving because he shares so much and has saved so many of us mega-bucks with his tips, tricks, and links to free stuff.
I did get this pretty little thing though:
Isn't that sweet!  I'm going to add it to my awards bar on the left.  I think I have enough now to make a link to another blog for them.  Do I feel special?  Yes, yes, I do.
Well, I am now off to the rest of my day which if  you saw my list you would sware I made it all up just to come across as some super hero type Gal.  [I am though, a Super-Hero, you know.]
Happy Hump-Diggity!



C said...

LOL at the wireless printer hopping into the back of the SUV, then into your closet, rofl! I busted out 1/2 of my list this morning myself, feel pretty proud of it too! And I *heart* Taylor Swift! I will just download the songs and add them to my mp3 player later, not a big CD fan...Cute award. I never have understood the award thing, could you stop by and 'splan it to me? Have a happy hump day...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I saw that! That poor orphan printer needed a home and you provided it with one. You are a saint, and you can tell your DH I said so!

Kelly Dawn said...

hope you got your internet back or you get it back soon :)

left you a present at my house.. :)

go check it out!

Jay said...

It's not stealing if it hops into the SUV and comes home with you on it's own. Kind of like a puppy. ;-)

tt said...

You're so tenacious!
I admire that about you, besides being so happy and content.

I keep commenting on your blog...but when I go back it's gone...hummmm....curious. They all keep disappearing..
there's a bloggoer bugger out to get me...
so, just fyi...for some reason my comments go away...I'm reading...but you just can't tell.
hummm...wonder if you'll get this..

Anonymous said...

Ha! You've been wanting that printer, and so you "mindlessly" bought it. And HID it in the back of the closet, LOL!! I'm afraid that only works with clothing... as in, "This blouse? I've had it for a long time!"

Glad you like the award :)
Wordpress lets me add pages, so I keep mine on a separate page (links at the top).

PS: Were you at Sonic?