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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Something BIG; you wanna' be a winner?

So, it seems everyone is liking the new look!  Me too!  In all honesty?  This looks more like me and my personality than the florescent colors of the past.  And, I felt a new look was appropriate for a New Year!
I hope everyone is feeling happy and healthy for the New Year!  Personally, we had a great time here at Farmer*sWife's place!  Though, DH got a call at 7:PM that my baby SIL's vehicle had broken down on the freeway on her way home from work.  And, she was in P-Town on the other side of the "Big City" from home. 
So, DH and the boyfriend loaded up to go trailer up her vehicle and bring her home.  In the meantime, Sweet D and Uncle J had gotten in from being up in Austin.  I was chatting with her while cookin' up yummies and they decided to come on out!  WHOOOP!
So, we all ate and talked and visited.  DH shot some fireworks.  The sparklers were duds, but everything else was fun.  The dishwasher was ran, loaded, unloaded, re-ran (thank the Lord for my dishwasher) and everything fairly well cleaned up.  So, we rang in the New Year with champagne and then they headed back home.
Me and Baby Bro watched "Handcock" with Will Smith (and, I popped in the check out the new release of Root & Sprout while we watched.)
GREAT stuff in this issue!  I read through several before the movie was over at [GASP] 3:00 a.m.  Then it was time to tuck ourselves in for some sleep. 
Now, on to what you really came here for.  The something BIG!
As most of y'all know I've been writing and submitting articles to Lis at Root & Sprout.  And, you also know that I've been trying to woo her with my words in order to secure a spot with her team that she will be hiring this year.
Well, today she made the announcement at Root & Sprout's social networking site (and on the magazine's cover page) that she is accepting writing samples from those interested to fill three slots on her team!  Those selected for contracting with her will be announced on February 1st, 2009!
YIPPPEEEE!!!  I'll be busting my hump and jumping hurdles to show her all I've got!  So, wish me luck!  And, on that note and in an effort of building the readership over there I'm offering a PRIZE!  Maybe Prizes!  I haven't decided fully on the winning item.  Ooooh, a great idea is coming to me.  It involves Gary the Potter.
Anyhow, here's how you get a chance to win:
  • Pop over to Root & Sprout (I don't think you'll have trouble finding a link).
  • Read one or more articles.
  • In a few words, share with me what are your favorites and why.
  • Give me your overall impression of the magazine.
It's that simple.  And, for each article you read and comment about I will put you in for an additional chance in the drawing for the GiveAway!
For even more chances, send a friend over to read and have them comment at this post as well referencing you as referring them!
The contest closes Friday, January 9th, 2009.  So, there is plenty of time to go through the magazine and earn lots of entries!  I'll try to figure out later today how to link this post to a button or something at the top of my blog for easy return access and commenting for entries.
But, for now I have two wild children and a bored brother to tend to!
Happy New Year!



Debbie Yost said...

Great giveaway! Don't forget to leave a link on my Mr. Linky so others can visit from my site!

Lis Garrett said...

Thanks so much for doing this!

Anonymous said...

That's great, I hope you get one of the slots! I'll pop back in later to do some reading. Have to work right now. :( I know, on New Year's Day. It sucks. Double sad face! :( :(


silverhartgirl said...

I like the article . The importance of the family dinner.
We do eat in front of the tv and sometime not all together. After reading this I am going to make a effort for all of us to eat at the table tonight,

Knight said...

I have been over to Root & Sprout because I love reading what you write. You are so talented. I can't really participate though since I'm a childless 25 year old and the magazine is for parents and children. It is still a great idea and I hope you get a spot!

Farmer*swife said...

silverhartgirl, thanks for visiting and participating!

knight, you don't have to be a parent to participate. Though, I understand a lot/most of what is written at R&S is parent related since it's a "parenting magazine!" ;-)

You just need to comment a few words about an article you read and liked. ;-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I shall be happy to check out the latest issue and write some thoughts and impressions AND maybe help with the prize too!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Great giveaway!! Sounds like a great New Years.

kcinnova said...

Good Morning, FW! Happy New Year! The visiting fam has left and I am just now sitting down to catch up on what I missed (like, YESTERDAY) and I'll be heading right over to R&S. I do enjoy reading the articles there; Lis does a great job!
I'll be back later to post a few comments.
KC :)

kcinnova said...

Just read your article about destressing. I found myself immediately following the shoulder rolls and eye-closings, and yes, tension did decrease, just like that! :)
Need to drink more water...I do it in the summertime, but wintertime? Not enough. Off to have a drink of water!

kcinnova said...

Okay, just read Bob Lancer's steps to achieving goals. I find his idea that you can use "symbolic action" to reach an "action goal" an interesting concept. I'm trying to make sense of it. I mean, I can just think about exercising and in my mind I am accomplishing it. I've done this! But I wonder if it actually makes me more susceptible to actually GOING out and exercising! Hmmm....

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks! for all the participation y'all! kc, I need to back and re-read that article again myself. I read it late last night and so I didn't grasp it all.

I was in mental meltdown from lack of sleep.

kcinnova said...

Family Dinner: Hey! I know that family! What a handsome bunch of guys. :)
We have a family dinner nearly every night of the week. The dining room table is the place, and everyone takes turns setting the table. I'm slowly teaching my kids a few meal preparation tips. (I have neglected this one and need to make up for lost time!) The kids must like our family dinners because it often lasts an hour! Yes, they sit at the table, eating and talking, for an hour. I might have to submit an article about how to accomplish an hour-long family dinner. What do you think? :)

kcinnova said...

Surviving Sibling squabbles: My 2 brothers fought terribly for several years during childhood. As they reached their tweens and early teens, they quite literally tried to annihilate each other: one brother hanging out the 2nd story window, the other prying his fingers off the ledge... or one grabbing the other by the neck and shoulders, shaking his brother against the hard floor. It wasn't pretty and it didn't help that there was no adult home to intervene. (My dad was a phone call away and he did literally race wasn't pretty.)
Now, as adults, they are friends who help each other out. As an added blessing, their wives (who never met before the engagements) are best friends with each other, and the cousins are all close.
I think if the love is there in the family, even sibling squabbles can be overcome. It is important for the parents to play fair -- the lack of fairness has haunted families since biblical times.

Farmer*swife said...

kc, way to rack up the entries! And, if you don't want to do one of the article assignments available under "The Inside Scoop" you can always pitch an idea to Lis.

If it doesn't fit with the current month, she will often hold if for her plans for a future issue.

:-) And, yes, that was a nice table of boys, huh?! That's so great!

kcinnova said...

Back again... (are you tired of me yet?!?)
I have Leanne Ely's first book, Saving Dinner. I love it! You are right, she writes in an entertaining style. :) Better yet, she has great recipes that are easy to produce into meals on the table in record time, AND she includes shopping lists. If the cookbook I have is any indication (and I'm sure it is), this is a 'can't miss' cookbook! :)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Roots and Sprouts looks great! I read the article about Perseverance under "Buds" 'cause I have a bud. But don't enter me. I feel blessed to have so many fine piece of Rith pottery. I want someone else to have a chance to own some of that clay love!

Ice Pony Goddess said... the piggy bank!

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Family Dinners! Good article on the importance of making the time for all family members. A time to touch base with your kids and remind them...that their day is important to you.

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Choosing a Day Care. I'm sharing this article with two people. My daughter who had a baby in July and goes back to work tomorrow. And my friend Sherry...a licensed day care provider. What I took this...pick up your kids on time and change those diapers before dropping your kids off. HA!

Knight said...

Okay so you talked me into it. I went back and started reading the Thrive! section. That is exactly what I needed to read today. I love all the tips on living a better, healthy life. Your article about relieving stress and just closing your eyes for 30 seconds or taking a transition break in the day might just change my world. I'm going to start applying it right now. Be back in a minute.

Yep, I'm feeling better already.