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Thursday, January 15, 2009

He's SOOOO Funny!

So, I'm looking for something specific and I find this guy and his "dummies." He is so super hilarious. You have to search him at YouTube and play a few more! Kay, back to work for me! Oh, FYI, Lil' Gal came through with flying colors. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Saw his Christmas special on Comedy Central. Walter is a bit crass for me; Ahmad the Dead Terrorist is very possibly his funniest "dummy." Just imagine a skeleton singing "Oh, holy crap! I think I blew my foot off!"

jezdez said...

YES! He is funny! I've seen him on various night time talk shows. So, now I know where to go if I need a laugh! Thanks!

Baseball Mom said...

We have seen all his speicals on Comedy Central. He comes he quite a bit, but I just hate spending tha kind of money. DH said maybe next time he is here. But I wonder seeing how we have seen all three acts on TV if they really are much different in person.

Glad to hear about Lil Gal!!

C said...

Silence or I killlll you! I heart Jeff Dunham..He is on my Myspace as well as his wife.

Glad to hear that Lil' Gal is all good. Have a great FWFD...can I steal that and make it AMWFD too?? LOL~C

Debbie Yost said...

You have to WARN people! I thought this blog was PG! I started that with my 6 year old sitting her when the F bomb drops! Ok, I'll have to come back and watch this later! LOL!