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Friday, January 23, 2009

Piss & Moan Day! FW Vlogs Away!

Grab your coffee or diet coke or iced tea, or bourbon if your that kinda' morning person.  Just be for-warned that you might laugh and snort it out your nose.  
So, I hope you found this funnier than I did going through it.  I'm off to go paint the well earned "L is for Loser" across my forehead.  
But, since it IS FWFD I'm hoping it's all looking up from here!
Happy Friday!    


Lis Garrett said...

What a start to the day! My van is sitting on empty, and I need to fill it up before running errands this afternoon. Running out of gas is one of my biggest driving-related fears. You can bet I'll doublecheck to make sure I have my purse and wallet with me!

Glad everything turned out okay in the end. :-)

C said...

LOL sounds just like one of my bad mornings. Like when I locked myself out of the house...Men always blame us.

Thank goodness it finally registered.

I love your signature!

Dez said...

I could not hear the vlog. Did not play for except 2 words.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

that is one huge coffee mug :)
Did you notice that after you told about clipping the gum out of her hair you said a minute later dadgummit!
Well, you have a really good weekend on the road! And yea, I had a great laugh at you. :)

Farmer*swife said...

Lis, don't run it so low! LOL!

C, Thanks! Me too!

Gary, why I require a full carafe size mug. But, they are really hard to find. Typically, you have to have them specially made...

Mine is a Rith" original!!!


Farmer*swife said...

Dez, no fair or fun for you. :-( Maybe try again later????

Anonymous said...

You. Crack. Me. Up!!!
Yes, I did laugh (although I'm a little bit sorry about the bad start to your favorite day).
I never have much time for blogging on the weekends--too many of us sharing the same computer.

Package didn't get here yet (unless it is out at the box one has checked yet tonight)....maybe tomorrow?
I'll get to work on your questions soon!

tt said...

I totally 'gigglesnorted' watching you!!!
Here's a wee little tip for ya....and I share this cuz i had a simular experience...get a little coin purse and put $20.00 in it and put it in your glove compartment....for emergencies. Works like a charm. :)
I'm off to read you on Liz.......
happy trip!

tt said...

Oh, and one more thing...DH should have 'noticed' you needed fuel and filled it for you!!!! It's totally his fault.