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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I know.  I need to get around to reading and catching up with all my blog buddies.  I had intentions last night but I could tell I was sleepy.  The internet was locking up a bit and I just fell out.  I even missed "Charlie."  :-(
As I sit here, Lil'Gal and I are supposed to leave in about 38 minutes for her dental appointment allowing Dr. D to extract the germs that have infiltrated her back two tiny molars.
[Editor's Note:  It has been discovered that the tooth decay was self inflicted.  No bad parenting was involved.  Apparently, Lil'Gal is a klepto and baking ingredients capture her fancy.  This will be duly noted to Dr. D.  The pantry will now remain locked.  This will also be duly noted.]
DH took Farmer, Jr. to school so I could let Lil'Gal sleep a little longer since she must remain NPO (nothing by mouth) until after the procedure.  Can you believe, of all mornings, she is still asleep?  Yeah, but should it be Saturday when Mama can snooze a little later -- it won't happen.  I think that falls under that "Murphy's Law."  
[I dislike Murphy.  Though, I don't encounter him often.  I think he's slightly afraid of me.]
Anyhow.  I have a new idea for adding a little something to my article for Lis.  And, it is something that in this fashion would only work within on e-zine.  Okay, it's been done before in some ways but not at her Magazine and not the way I'm going to do it.  Let's hope it works out!
Kay.  I have reading material set aside and some other items I need to attend to.  Time to wake up the Lil'Gal and dose her with the medication they gave me for relaxing her on her way.  I have to say, she is actually prepared and happy to have the "germs" removed from her teeth.  Such a big girl. 
I'm off.  I'll be back.  I'll be reading.  And, guess what else?  We made it!  Tomorrow is FWFD!  I can see it in my future already, WHOOP there it is!
I just heard her door crack. Catch ya' Later! Happy Thursday!


Baseball Mom said...

Good Luck with Lil' Gal this morning. Murphy is a PITA in my book. Hope all works out with your idea for your article.

I am C-O-L-D!! So I am going to climb back in bed and warm up. Send warmer weather this way.

C said...

I hope all goes well with the lil chika. That sux.

I am happy this week is over, but I still have a paper to write, ugg.~C

Anonymous said...

They gave you meds to give her in advance? Wow!
Hope all goes well.

tt said...

Way to go Mom!! You prepared her well I'm thinking. You rock!
Treat afterwards???? An apple or something????
I'd want cookies or ice cream but I'm bad like that. lol

jezdez said...

See? I told ya that it wasn't your fault! Altho.... I do remember that you ate quite a LOT of ICING from the cake or can when you were preggos with her, right? LOL

That STILL is not your fault. I had cravings I had never had with both my kids, and sure enough, they liked those foods while growing up, and I particularly didn't care for them. All except for Jeffrey's ICE CREAM CRAVING! :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh, your poor daughter has such a difficult morning!

Krishna said...

we did that wed a.m. It cost a fortune. BTW, i still love that song and its on my mp3 player among the other 500 songs. I love jock jams