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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peanut Foder

Well, apparently, peanuts are tainted.  What is a mother supposed to do?  Does anyone realize how many products have peanuts or peanut butter in them?  This is getting worse and worse!
Children need peanut butter.  It is a staple within a parenting household.   Not just in sandwiches and muffins and cookies.  I've had to strip the pantry of their favorite salty peanut snack bars.   And, everything dated a year back!
Way to hit the pocket book, Mr. Peanut.  And, here I depended on you as an inexpensive source of nutrition for my children.  
So, now, I have to take my children grocery shopping with me after school in order to find adequate replacements for the snacking and sandwich staples which formerly included peanuts and peanut butter.
This is going to be fun, NOT.  Hungry wild children in a grocery store?  *sigh* 
And, in the vehicle which I have been instructed to drive as little as possible.   May the rear hold out or in, or up?  
I wonder what types of snacks have sunflower seeds.  They're pretty cheap, right?
All hail to the power of the Peanut.  Happy Thursday....the peanut free-way. BTW, I saved another bird today. A tiny cute green one. Had to pet him and snuggle him in a towel while he slept off his headache. Just call me FW, Bird Doctor. :-D


My Outside Voice said...

I AM BEGGING YOU TO TEACH US HOW TO DO THOSE VIDEOS YOU DO? some of us are Stoooopid and really need to know how to do that...

We'll be really nice to you..and send you really big hugs...

Dez said...

Aw, good for you mommy/Bird Doctor! Did you take a pic of the green bird? Would love to see it!
I think you should give window covers a serious thought. :)
Unless you secretly want to start your own bird farm.

Farmer*swife said...

MOV Did your new LT come with a camera attached to the top of the screen/lid? Cuz' that's all ya need; though, I do have my new little handy dandy HD Walmart brand minicam that plugs directly into the USB port (It was $129.00 with Christmas money!)

Sweet D, um, I'll just start the bird farm. I have two children who adore coming to the weee bird(s) aid, and I like my view. No window covers for me!


C said...

Umm did the bird hit the window again or was it injured in another way? That is just nuts. I have some bird pics I took the other day I will post them just for you tomorrow! Look for a birds-eye-link-view!~C

My Outside Voice said...

I have both.. and I can record the video,, but I can't make it upload to my blog.. I keep gettin an error..

Are you doing quick capture?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

poor birdy!
I am surviving on ::gasp:: simple margerine and butter on bread.......these are trying times.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to give up peanut butter. If the stores are selling it today, I am buying it. The tainted stuff is off the shelves, right? (Yes, we are all alive and healthy in my house!!)

If necessary, I will take a cup of almonds and grind it up to make almond butter (yum) and cashew butter is even better!

FW, you know if you would stop washing your windows and let them be a little dirty, the poor little birds wouldn't mistake them for thin air! ;)