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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Better than $@X! That's Pleased!

Last night we had dinner at the CPA's a/k/a Mr. Congenial and Mrs. Niceness n/k/a Mrs. Congenial's house along with the Twins and their Sister, Lil'Miss Congenial.  We had a wonderful visit!  We didn't get in until 11:30 last night and I woke up five hours later from having tucked Farmer, Jr. in -- with my contacts stuck inside my eyeballs.  No Bueno! I scrape the lenses loose, knowing I won't be wearing them to church or CCD today, drink a glass of water and fall back into the nearest bed for another hour or two.  On the way to church and back there were two things on Lil'Gal's mind. When are TG, Jr. and Lil'Bex coming in?
When do we get me more bins for my room to be like Miss Congenial's room?
Farmer, Jr. seconded, thirded, and quadrupled the request for TG, Jr. and Lil'Bex.  Lil'Gal runs to begin cleaning and organizing her room.  See, Miss Congenial has her room set up beautifully.  Her walls are painted purple (Lil'Gal has pink and coral).  And, both have their names strewn in beautifully hand crafted letters across their wall.  Both have some other wall decor, a doll house, and so forth.  But, Miss Congenial has a system.
A system of having toys always available and yet always organized and thus her room always looks tidy, and adorable.  Lil'Gal too, has bins, and all the set ups to keep the room tidy and adorable.  But, after waging the war for 8 or 9 months?  I gave in and said to "heck with it all."  Leaving her to figure out how to clean her own room.
Which, typically she has done by filling the bins in her closet to the ceiling and stuffing anything else under the bed (peeve to me).
After playing all night in Miss Congenial's room, Lil'Gal wants to be like Miss Congenial.  Sweet music whispering through the air and into my ears!  "I need bins, Mama!"  She has bins.  "I need MORE bins."  She needs LESS stuff and a big de-cluttering of her room, is what she needs.
She decides to take it on by herself.  Squeeeeeeee!!!  I'm thrilled!  Minutes later she is crying in frustration as she is completely overwhelmed with where to start!  There is simply tooooo much stuff and accumulated crap and stuff and toys and, crap.  I find her filling her bathroom drawers with everything currently mixed in her bins and the trash can as well!
Being the good Mom I am -- and so hoping she is serious about this and won't get bored on me once I'm buried under the mounds -- I decide to pitch in.  I explain to her that it is a process.  I bring two bags.  One for trash, one for everything that should go upstairs to the playroom.  She decides on what she wants in which bin.  And, we begin.  
[See the square gap in the shoes there?  I inquired and she replied, that is where the "Hannah Montana" shoes go (the one's she was currently wearing).]
De-crappingcluttering her closet that spills into her room and under her bed was a big job to tackle.  Barbies here, baby clothes there, pony land down there, jewelry in there, we need another bin.  I steal the one that has been emptied all over the playroom.  Bags and purses in that drawer, dolls in this drawer, stuffed animals in there and whala!!!  The room is clean!  I mean, CLEAN! She loves it and she explains to me how when she plays with this or that she can put it back here or there now.  [This was always the way and the plan.  She just never had the incentive to follow it before.]  I'm on a high!  A rush!  It's clean, it's organized, it's de-crappedcluttered, and I truly believe it is going to stay this way!!!
I'm feeling euphoric!  I'm in ecstasy!  Dare I say it?  It's better than $@X, Clean! Sweet Febreeze!  Am I happy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So now, this is it!  The final hours of my holiday break.  The countdown to -- bedtime, and tomorrow.  Soon I'll be making lunches and locating backpacks.  I'll be putting children to bed who are quite unhappy that school returns tomorrow.
Knowing that the wanting you all have is about to exude itself from the porousness of your being, I will share with you what has so far written itself to my "To-Dos" for tomorrow:
  • Email my HARO request for sources for one of my articles for Root & Sprout.
  • Take down the tree and put away all remaining holiday decorations.
  • Check email for HARO replies.
  • Bissell the poor floors (sorry floors).
  • Check email for HARO and blog replies.
  • Tend to the toilets, vanities and bathroom mirrors.
  • Take out meat for Chili (tomorrow is going to be in the 50s, foggy, wet and nasty all day).
  • Clean the house doors (kids are hard on a house)!
  • Dust.Everything.
  • Clean all kickboards and cabinet fronts and grab pulls.
  • Dust the deer mounts.
  • ......
  • yada, yada, yada, it's an ongoing list.
Now, as I'm counting down the final few hours, I head to fold the mountains of laundry that are waiting for me.  I can see the cart now.  It's beckoning me.  It's whispering my name, every so softly, and slightly scented with the smell of Blue Sparkle Snuggle.  Laundry doesn't play fair.  It's impossible to refuse. ;-)
So, I'm off for now!  Happy Day-Before-Monday!



Krishna said...

Glad you are so euphoric right now. I feel so much better when everything is clean and organized, laundry done, dishwasher empty, etc. We are still on break till tuesday so i'll tackle a couple things least Christmas is put away for another 11 months. BTW, we are ready to play whenever deer season is over.

Anonymous said...

Lil'Gal's room looks great! I wish someone would come and clean my room. (My dh seriously wishes I would clean my room! haha, as if he doesn't leave a mess in there, too)....yeah, yeah, I know. The bedroom is supposed to be the sanctuary, the place of cleanly peacefulness and rest. Occasionally it is.

Your list makes me tired. (What is HARO??) but I am oh-so-happy that a schedule is returning this morning!!
Whoops, first kid alarm has now gone off. Better get to work!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

better than socks? better than sacks? hmmmm, what could you be trying to say....

Farmer*swife said...

kc HARO: Help A Reporter Out. You can submit a query about an article you are writing and experts and sources respond with information, etc.

Pretty Cool! Lis told me about it!

gary, Better than "self-sorting socks!" LOL!!!

Jay said...

I think I might go and organize my room now.

or not. LOL

Lis Garrett said...

My house isn't too shabby right now, but yours looks FANTASTIC! Hey - Hannah has the same bed cover . . . so pretty, eh? And I had to chuckle over your "dust the deer mounts" on your to-do list. That's one that will most certainly never make my list! LOL!

kayla said...

wow I need to do alot of the same stuff that is on your list. I hope all is going well with you. I like farmer jr's cake that is so awesome. I hope he had a good birthday! I hope you get a decent nights sleep tonight.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh I had such a smile on my face when she explained why there was a space in the shoe area. :-) ... The room looks incredible, and you get the good Mom award for jumping in when the fire was hot. Best of luck today with the school ... I got all the Christmas stuff down and the house cleaned last night. Just have the (gulp) tree to go, but I am trying hard to get it for at least one more day. Oh, and thank you so much for the award :-)