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Friday, January 9, 2009

My New Stalkie; A PRIZE!!!!!

If you check out that funny faced dude on the left (you have to scroll a little, he's the pink box with a mustache and glasses like Groucho Marx) you will find the new blog that I stalk.
She's super funny.  I met her at "Grow Together."  She has a flip-cam.  She got it for Christmas.  Secretly, I'm jealous cuz' though my video cam is awesome -- well, it isn't really awesome -- cuz' it doesn't do digital.  And, now days?  It's all about digital.
Mama Neena has digital. She has a great library in her house. She's funnier than I am. Yeah, now that I think about it, maybe you shouldn't go by her place. I wouldn't want to lose my readership to someone who might posses a slight more wit than I. It just wouldn't be right. I'd totally be crushed. So, stay here with me -- in my happy place. Besides, I dream about McDreamy and I give things away. And, if you participate in the comment section of my post from January 1st of this year (yes, I'm making you scroll in the event this link doesn't work) you could win that cute Yellow Piggy Bank pictured at the top of my blog.   Or, you could win the second prize drawing (prize has yet to be determined). There are less than eleven hours left to win, though. The contest closes at midnight. Oh sure, you can still comment after midnight but it won't count. :-) Sorry, rules are rules. Thank for participating and again, blow off what I said before. You know. About that Neena Mom Gal. Stay here! With me!!! Forever!!! I *heart* you! Happy FWFD!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

second prize should be your famous peanute butter chocolate fingers, and there is NO WAY I would dump visiting your blog for somebody else ;^)

Farmer*swife said...

Awww, thanks Gary! And, thanks about the recipe! Healthy and deliciouso!

Oh, BTW. I'm doing a cooking with kids for February and it's another healthy and tasty treat! I think you will find it right up you and the Missus alley!

And, I created it myself! YUM!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

created it yourself?????????
If you and the kids like peanut butter enough, I posted a link to another blog last week with chocolate peanut butter cups that were very easy to make but I look forward to what you're cookin'