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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wanna Know Your MAGIC Number??

So, where is everybody anyhow?  Have I become a bore?  Have I had my moment?  Did I blossom in my first year of blogging and now I'm all washed up?  I so totally sound needy Do I sound needy?
Is there another blogger convention?  If so, I didn't get my invitation?  Tell me where it is and I will SO totally crash the event I promise not to crash the event.  Two-fingered Scout's honor I was never a scout of any kind.
Long ago and still today, many people believe there is magic in numbers.  It is thought by some that numbers can tell about the future and many other things.  Some corresponded the letters of the alphabet with their order number.
A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4 E-5 F-6 G-7 H-8 I-9
J-1 K-2 L-3 M-4 N-5 O-6 P-7 Q-8 R-9
S-1 T-2 U-3 V-4 W-5 X-6 Y-7 Z-8
So, what you do is print out your full name.  First, Middle, and Last without nicknames. Beneath each letter print the number that corresponds with it. Then, total the numbers for each name.  If the numbers total ten or more then add those two numbers together.
Marie Louise Smithson
41995 363915 14928165
  28          +        27          +         36             = 91 (91 is more than nine, thus add the 9 and the 1)
9 + 1 = 10 (more than ten so add the 1 and the 0);  1 + 0= 1
The magic number for this name is 1.
Find your number below for your number personality:
1] You are sure of yourself, make friends easily, and like to keep busy. 2] You are quiet, rather shy, and work easily with others. 3] You are clever and artistic, and you like being with other people. 4] You are hardworking and dependable.  You do not change your mind easily. 5] You are smart, like to be active, and love adventure.  but you lose your temper easily. 6] You are fair, unselfish, and careful of other people's feelings.  You like to keep things neat and well organized. 7] You like to be by yourself, and you don't like to do what everyone else is doing.  You think things out very carefully. 8] You like to plan things out and be sure you are right.  You are kind hearted, and people know they can trust you. 9] You like people and you believe strongly in freedom.  You are a clear thinker.
So, what's your magic number.  Mine is 6.  Hmmm.  I'm partly a six.  I'm also an eight.  I'm also a one and a five.  So, you do the math.  Do the numbers know you?  What's your magic number?
DON'T FORGET!!!  Less than 36 hours before the contest closes.  Do you want to win this adorable "Rith Original" Piggy Bank?
Do you want to win the second runner up prize?  Or, do you have a friend or know a child who would love to own that cute Piggy Bank?
Well, have their parents follow the rules in my New Year's post, January 1, 2009.  (I'd hyperlink, but some of them just bring you back where you started.  I dunno.)
Find your MAGIC Number and then play along to WIN!!!!!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I was just thinking a minute ago "wonder what FW is up to???????" and hot dang, here you are.
THE REASON I was thinking about you, of course, was puzzling over the idea about a heart shaped mug. I puzzled and puzzled. And I think you know that usually the simplest solution is best. It is 27 degrees outside. My studio is 28 degrees inside. But less wind ;^) but you know, I got excited and wanted to try a couple of ideas. I will finish them tomorrow, but hawt DIGGITY DAWG it is coming along! Its gonna be a good idea, and I will have finished results tomorrow. :)
My hands? FROZEN AND BLUE. Winter stinks, FW, even when you're wearing a heavy sweater (I bet Lis is muttering the same thing today) (and I still need to submit my non-entry comments there too)

Baseball Mom said...

I missed FW. I kept coming and checking to see if you posted, and hot rolls here ya are.

I am a #6

6] You are fair, unselfish, and careful of other people's feelings. You like to keep things neat and well organized.

Anonymous said...

My brain can't handle numbers today. I still have to go online and evaluate/review copy machines to submit my opinion for a board I serve on... blech.
I'm gone most of every Thursday, up the scenic highways to my military wives Bible study, then a big commissary trip (saving money, but making it a long day) then hurry home before SM gets here on the bus. He helped me unload the groceries, now he is watching his hero, Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet reruns. Then I'll set him up with homework, H-J will arrive home and I'll take him to the orthodontist. Oh, yeah, I've got 2 more teens coming home who don't wanna do their homework but need to... and cornbread to bake for supper, along with beans that need some attention. (I love cowboy night!)
So that's my day and where I'm at. I'm busy like that, LOL. I know you are, too. :)

Jay said...

I'm a #3.

"3] You are clever and artistic, and you like being with other people."

Umm .. okay I guess. If by "people" you mean "strippers." LOL ;-)

Jennybean said...

I'm a 7... it's close I guess... hmmm makes me wonder what I was before I got married... must redo!

An 8... similar... I can be both I guess!

Knight said...

I'm a 9

9] You like people and you believe strongly in freedom. You are a clear thinker.

I like some people and I believe in their freedom. I don't know about the clear thinking part.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

OMG, girlie...I am way too tired to do taht math right now, haha.

Juggling Act said...

I came up a 2 using my maiden name and my married name.

"You are quiet, rather shy, and work easily with others."

True some of the time :-) Thanks for the distraction.

Anonymous said...

I'm an 8. But there are others that work too. This is kind vague. Too random and too many personality traits that easily describe people in different numbers . . . if that makes sense. Was still fun, though!


Lis Garrett said...

I'm a six, just like you. But I would also say I'm an eight!

And Gary is right - I'm not liking winter much these days. I just saw the outlook for Thursday of next week. High of 9 and low of -3. Wah!