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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lucky Seven!!!

Gotta' pop this in real quick like, but today the party was terrific!  And, what a piece of cake for me (no pun intended).  Last night I finished baking and decorating Farmer, Jr.'s bowling cake.  He was thrilled and tickled pink -- okay, blue?
I had it planned better in my mind, but I have to say that since I got around to it at 8:30 last night (the decorating part) I was quite pleased with the turn out myself.
What do you think?
I know, I should have had more color.  But, I'd made a double batch of the first cover layer and didn't want to waste it.  So, I added more brown to finish it up.  I was going for red, but that wasn't going to happen with the color combination I had left over.
Seein' as I waited till the last minute (always knowing I can pretty much come up with something) to find bowling pin candles...I purchased those little craft flat clothespins (without the spring) and painted them and they work perfectly as they held into the cake wonderfully!
Bowling for the kids was a blast!  It turns out, an hour was plenty of time.  Then pizza, cake, gifts and tada!  No mess for me to clean before or afterwards.
Well, I have more photos but we are off the the twins house (CPA and the Miss. Niceness -- I need better names) house.  They have a girl Lil'Gal's age and twin boys a year younger.
So, I'm hauling beans and apple sour -- they have sausage and the vodka.    She wants to make martinis!  Sweet.  I think I better grab a bottle of wine though too.
And, tomorrow?  Tech Guy, Bex and the kiddos!  Great end to a great holiday.  Great start to a great year!  Great party!  My Farmer Boy is all boy now.
Happy Saturday to ya'!



Dianne said...

I LOVE the cake!!

glad it all went so happily

Baseball Mom said...

Cute Cake. Sounds like a good time.

Happy Birthday Farmer Jr.!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

The cake is great and so glad you dodged the cleanup bullet with the bowling alley venue. ... Best of luck with the magazine writing (and possible job) ... Gonna pop over there hopefully when I am not so worn out from work. (*Everyone* loves to look at houses on holiday weekends -- I've worked every day!)

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty damn good cake for you doing it so late. I'm officially impressed. Glad it was a hit and the party a success. Well done!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

that is the CUTEST cake!

Lis Garrett said...

What better way to start the New Year than with a birthday?! Hooray!

kcinnova said...

Woot for the bowling! That is one of our faves, too!

Hope you enjoyed the apple-tinis. :)

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

great job mom!!!

Krishna said...

Love it all and had a great time. I wish i could have had more cake b/c it was so yummy but trying to cut back.

Tink said...

Holy cow, you made that?! That's awesome. Can you make me a fairy cake for my birthday? It's the 29th. Just come on over. I'll have punch waiting. You know, the kind with booze in it. ;)