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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bull Rides?! Yes Sir, I will!

Yesterday we went to the Livestock Show after school. My nephew showed chickens this year, his first year, and won 5th place out of seventy entries. (That's 70 participants, and they each get to pick their top three from the bunch to show for judging). Farmer, Jr. is so impressed that he wants to show chickens too. I admit. From what I have learned chickens are pretty cheap and fairly easy.
Though, Lil'Gal wants to show a "cat." Farmer, Jr. and I explained that it had to be livestock and couldn't be an animal of the domestic variety. So, she decided she wants to show a lamb. (DH will not be so pleased with this, though I'm fond of the idea!)
I have to say, I have always loved Cows. And, they had some beautiful ones there for the show. But, showing a heffer is a really big and expensive ordeal and it is also highly political. 
I guess a kid could learn some lessons from that too. But, I think they are better off with a shop project or showing a less expensive animal.
The animals seemed quite sleepy.  I guess from all the excitement.
They also have some fabulous shop projects.  One judging for the older group (high school) and one for the younger ones.
There are always barb-b-que pits, truck bumpers, deer blinds, trailers, and the like.  This year a couple of kids even did portable hunting cabins!  WOW!
I took a few pictures of the desks, tables, bar stools, swings, etc.  But, something about this little outdoor bar caught my attention:
Hmmm, that faucet looks awfully familiar.  Only in a different finish.  This boy obviously has good taste. This is the same faucet I chose for our house. Only ours are in pewter.
Look below for a close-up.  Looks like a well pump!  I just love these faucets!
As we left the show there was a set up to ride an electric bull.  They also had pony rides, you know the one's where all the ponies are harnessed to a central pivot and they just walk round and round.
[I hate those.  Poor ponies.]
Farmer, Jr. opted to ride the electric bull.  :-D
Below those is the video.  He had a blast!  I totally love this tiny new video camera.  It's so convenient and about the size of a cell phone or MP3 player.  And, since I had it, I was able to capture this! 
We offered Lil'Gal a turn too but she turned us down.  She was having enough fun riding on top of Daddy's shoulders!  And she was starving due to the limited soft diet she had to stick to most of the day.  So, we blew off the meat loaf and picked up a pizza instead.  
Oh, I completed both my articles for Lis for the February issue of Root & Sprout!  I hope she likes them.  I struggled with one a little this month.  I enjoyed writing it and the information was great, so I don't know what my problem is.
But, the second one was a "piece of candy" (hint - you'll have to check it out in the February issue).
So, I have a hair appointment this morning.  I'm hoping that will re-vamp me from my "frump." I hate to feel frumpy.  And, it's also Friday!!!  Farmers*Wife's Favorite Day!
Happy Friday!  FWFD!!!!
Take it on by the horns!  Ride that Bull!!!
[I realize this shows a post date of last night.  But, I fell asleep while the video was loading.]



Anonymous said...

Happy FWFD!

And Mason: ride 'em, cowboy!! Whoohoo!

Dh has a friend who started with chickens for 4H and still has them at age 45 (well, not the same ones) but the fresh eggs are awesome and not much trouble, really.

Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . looks like they went a little easy on Farmer Jr! haha. Looks like fun. I love the fair (or whatever this was). I especially love the animal section. And the lambies are always so cute! get one!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

He did a great job didn't he?

Krishna said...

The kids loved it too but the bull was not running today. Payne wants to raise bunnies now....LOL.

Knight said...

He did a great job! Last year my BF had his birthday party at a bar with bull riding. It is so much fun.

jezdez said...

Way to go Farmer Jr.!!
I want a video of you riding it next. ;)

tt said...

Looks like you may have a budding rodeo rider there!! woo-hoo- get 'em jr.!!

I'm w/'re up next! ;D
After a VT of course ;)

Debbie Yost said...

This post inspired so many thoughts! I am a city girl and yet feel like a country girl at heart. My mom grew up on a farm and some of my earliest memories are those of visiting my grandpa on his farm. He did no have indoor plumbing so we had to go to the outhouse in the cow pasture. On more than one occasion we had a big brown eye spying trough the moon hole at us. One time my sister was sitting on an old tractor and a cow came up and licked her up the side of the face. She was just a toddler and didn't care for it, to say the least.

I have NOT finished my articles for Root & Sprout. I'm jealous. One's half done, though. I need to get to work!

Love the bull rider. He is so cute. Hope he doesn't mind beind called cute. :)

kayla said...

I think it is to cool you guys are into farm animals considering I pretty much live on a farm. I mean there my parents but there still here. We have cows, chickens,peacocks, ducks, a pony, and two donkeys, cats and a dog but my parents have a couple of dogs. We live on a farm that was my grandparents land so there are three houses on one farm. My parents new house my house and my sister and her family live in my grandparents old farm house. So we are all close by. However I honestly dont talk to any of them except my mom and dad every once in a while. My sister and her family and my brother we dont talk all that much because they never have anything nice to say so I stay away, It GETS VERY OLD. There are I want to move away. But anyways ya so we have all of these animals wondering around. I dont reallu like it much the chickens are what bother me the most.O and lets not forget the turkeys as well. Now they are just mean. If you dont watch them they will come up behind you and flogg you. Lol It seems like I have messed a few of your posts as well. I have had so much going on. I hope you are all doing well and I send lots of love your way.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

In High School I used to enter beauty pageant (yes you can laugh!) and I had to pass out awards as a "queen" at a livestock show...your post brought back memories, ha.

Juggling Act said...

Thanks for the smile! Good skill set you're cultivating there. We all need to learn to deal with bull :-)