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Friday, January 30, 2009

Making the rounds; It's all about YOU!

Yes, I am. Finally. I know I've been all about "me, me, Me!" lately. Not on purpose. I've tried to make the rounds and pop in here and there to visit but I haven't been consistent and I've missed a lot of my peeps' places. So, tonight? It's all about YOU BABY! No, really. No, I really mean it this time. Really, really. I reviewed 2/3rds of the 80+ emails I received for my latest queries for my March articles due for Root & Sprout February 20th. So, since there are still two days (one-and-a-half) left until February begins -- I'm way ahead of the game! AND, one of my articles brought me a book review and I pitched it and Lis and she took that one too! SWEEEEEEET! Oh, sorry. You are right. This is all about YOU! My bad. Tomorrow, Farmer, Jr. and I head up to the "Hilltop" to register for spring soccer. He's super excited! He's requesting we make up some type of net and goal for his to practice his "shooting" at. I'm thinking he'll be spending more time on ball control. (Hey, that part was about Farmer, Jr., not me). Then, Sunday comes and that starts the new month. Do you know what is coming February 1st? The February issue of R&S and hopefully an announcement about Lis' "TEAM MEMBERS!" So, Whoo-hoo! Root for You-Know-Who! [Me. Root for me. And, YES, this part IS ABOUT ME, but this is the last time in this post.] ;-) I'm off to soak in a super hot bath seein' as I captured the stomach bug from Lil'Gal and I've spent half my time ailing and the other half in the loo. TMI? (Crap! Was that part about me TOO? Geeze, this is gonna' be hard! LOL!) But, I'll be back when I'm all warm and snuggle to read my blog-peeps and catch up with you all! Cuz, This FWFD is all about YOU!!!


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh *so* keeping my fingers crossed for you on Roots. ... I'll make a special prayer for you tonight, my good buddy. :-)

My Outside Voice said...

Good luck babe.. and it's ok that it's about you.. We love you.. and we love to hear about you...

Have a great weekend.. kiddo..

The Queen..

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hey, when you're done using your Queen of Sheba tub? Could I borrow it? My back muscles ache from shoveling snow & ice on Thursday. ;)

Baseball Mom said...

Feel better. I am Rooting for you. :)

Debbie Yost said...

I'm going to stop reading you if you don't stop talking about how ahead of the game you are on R&S articles! I barely made my deadlines last month! LOL!

(BTW - Just kidding!)

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Hey Farmer Girl...the yellow piggy was delivered on Thursday.

Baby Sierra is ill with her first cold, poor little thing.

As soon as she's well again, my daughter Jenni will take a photo of Sierra and the yellow piggy.

BTW...Rated R ?? I'm jealous...I'm G. HAHA!

FEEL BETTER! Reiki sent! {{HUGS}}

HA! word verificatio was BOOTUBE,


Ice Pony Girl

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I can't make them bounce around
But the background should be clear if you don't shrink it. Won't matter on your white background but if you decide to change colors it'll match whatever you have.

hehe... my confirmation is "me rest"... should I take a hint?