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Friday, January 9, 2009

Dreamin'bout Dempsy...

Patrick Dempsey is one of those late bloomers. My mom always said not to crush so hard on the cute guys in school because they were cute now, but in adulthood they probably either a) wouldn't turn out to be much because they had learned to get by on their looks in school and never truly applied themselves, or b) their looks would fade eary. But, the not so hip and not so hot would bloom toward the end of school or maybe in college and they would so totally be something. So, she recommended I crush on the sweet, kinda' sorta' cute smart guys. Now, apply this theory to Dempsey and you will find that Mom was right. And, it goes for those boys in elementary, junior high and high school too. This was one of those theories that she shared that I will say was about 85-90% right. And, those late bloomers? Sheeze, Febreeze-Sexi-Sizzle! [Keep reading, I'll get to the McDreamy dream in a minute. I'm just laying the background to my dream.] Remember the movie, "Money Can't Buy Me Love." Patrick's big break out movie? Where he went from "Totally Geek to Totally Sheek." I knew, when watching that movie that he was going to be one of those late bloomers. I mean, I know it was Hollywood but look how they took him to fab and adorable in that movie. So, I waited for the one day. The one day came with "Grey's Anatomy." Oh, sure. He was in a few other movies and shows. But, Grey's is what made him. Well, and along with that stint he did on "Will & Grace." Sweet Red Hots, was he SeXi with a capital X in that, right? I didn't even get to WATCH Grey's Anatomy last night because our cable was out. And, I missed it on the analog T.V. due to spelling words, memory verses and showers. But, still, I dreamt of him. 
Thank Goodness DH offered unexpectedly to take the youngins to school so I could share my dream before it slipped from my memory -- it was a good dream. :-D I was dreaming Dempsey last night, well into this morning. It was one of those great dreams. He was all sweet and lovable like he is on Grey's. And, with that animal magnitism. All scruffed, evening shadow. And, that hair! He's always had great hair. Geeze wouldn't I love to tussle my hands through that. Anyhow, towards then end something was kicking around on my tummy and I thought, "NO....NO?" And, the person who was sitting with me whom I knew in the dream but clearly is not a person in reality said to me, "What? Are you?"  
[Okay, I know that part totally came from watching soaps.  You know, somehow they always end up pregnant.] Now how this would be possible, the wiggle in my gut, is beyond me because with the exception of the emotions of passion, attraction and a tiny bit of lust, this dream was -- as most, unfortunately -- G-rated. Seriously! And, at this point I realize that I'm married. So does the wiggle belong to Dempsey or DH? But, again, it was immaculate dream conception. In my dream I'm thinking, what timing for my amnesia to dissipate. Right when Hotness is all about ME! So, I'm feeling guilty but loving Dempsey, but slowly remembering I have a happy marriage and two beautiful children and one on the way but who's is it; and confused because I'm not a cheater but DH is definitely going to have some serious questions about all this. And, Dempsey is sooooo sweet and persuasive and, um, HAWT! SeXi with a capital X and a little i.  Though, I love my husband and my children now that I remember them -- dreams are funny that way, huh? ;-) So, I'm all confused and trying to figure this out (and wondering how in the heck I'm going to explain it to DH even though it's not my fault because I apparently had amnesia) while Dempsey, with his scruffy, McDreamy, male magnetism is holding my hand [I don't know where DH and the kids are at this point, another town, another dream?] and telling me how he will be there to support me all the way and how he wants to be with me and EXPLOSION! DH hit his snore high at exactly the same time that the alarm went off and I flew about three feet above the bed and when my body fell back to the mattress my Dempsey dream was gone. :-( So, if you go to YouTube there are tons of photo shoots and stuff about McDreamy. Though, most are to good music but slow music. I picked this one. Because this is how I felt after this dream. If your a guy and not about the Dempsey picture slideshow, well just watch or listen for the song. It's SeXi!
Now, I am exiting to unload and reload the dishwasher, go do a notary job for some 'mad' money, sort the coupons for the massive grocery shopping trip.  But, all the while I'll listen to good music and daydream about Dempsey!  
Happy FWFD Y'all!



g-man said...

It is funny how dreams are like that. I have had the exact same set of circumstances in my dream world where I am involved at some level with a woman, and out of the blue I remember that I am married and the dream stops.

Have a good weekend. Try not to have another man's baby while secretly selling business secrets to the nemesis of a former lover whose sister is still in a coma, but who it turns out was not really his sister but his ex-wife whom has left him everything in the will, but was on her way to change the will before she "disappeared", and has since re-married.

Krishna said...

I loved him in those early movies. Not a big grey's anatomy fan though. As for late bloomers, maybe i'm getting old or something but i think John Travolta and Kevin Cosner are totally hotter now than when they were younger.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I myself, if I may say so, have been a late bloomer in many respects, and I am ten times handsomer than I was at 20 (take THAT you idiots that I went to high school and college with) PLUS my hair is still all there, um hmm yes indeedy! ;^)
"Litigation Record Procurement Company" I am wondering what that is exactly, FW, have seen that with your R and S articles. Maybe one day you'll let us know? Sounds quite impressive and interesting.
AND, I don't read R and S too carefully since I am not a parent, BUT what an issue this was (this is my non-entry, OK?) I was tickled to see KC's family at dinner with MY dishes, what a hoot! You know, KC's husband gets home very late every evening, but everybody gathers round and gets together. I know that must be true for you too, during harvest in late summer.
Both of your articles, FW, were wonderfully written and well-researched and presented. And with the product review you were quite honest about the UPSIDES and DOWNSIDES of what you all tried.
Your husband doesn't like floral or herbal smells much? ;^)

Lis Garrett said...

I had to read and re-read the part about you feeling a little wiggle in your tummy just to make sure that really WAS just a part of your dream. LOL!

I love dreaming about handsome men - it rarely happens, only because I don't feel like I sleep well enough to even dream. The pregnant dreams are THE WORST, in my opinion, when you're not even trying or planning to get pregnant. I'm always glad to wake up from those!

Anonymous said...

What a fun video! I don't watch Grey's (probably because I'd get technical about how they show Seattle all wrong) and my dh doesn't watch Grey's because he can't stand hospital shows (he turns in JCAHO personified, ugh).

I don't dream about being pregnant, no siree. I dream about being thin. Dang, what a shock to wake up on those days!

Hey, Gary, my dh leaves really early in the morning but gets home about 6:30pm. We eat dinner late because, A) I never seem to get it on the table at 6:30pm and B) we sit there and talk nonsense for the next hour!

CheekyMonkey said...

Yikes, that man is sex-ayyyy... I've had a crush on him almost as long as I've had a crush on Robert Downey Jr...

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

god you are so right...the "hot boys" in H.S. are like losers now. Patrick is HOT!