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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Here, I'm Back, and I have a Package!

I have to share the "Punch Line" to yesterday.  So, be sure to read to the bottom, kay?
So, as I am typing this I'm also watching the Today show. This guy is talking about parenting after having a baby. I understand what he is saying -- but, he's not the one who has just stretched his abdomen by 200% and that other place as well, during delivery. :-) "Nuff said.
Oh, and when I played back the video, I realized that my hair looks pretty "nappy" in back.  I do apologize.  I had just pulled out the pony tail I slept in (nope, didn't wash the hair yet this moring...yuck!)  And, I tussled the hair for the vlog.  But, obviously, I forgot about the back seein' as how I thought it was out of view.
So, just try not to look, okay?  It's going back up in the pony tail when I deliver those badges anyhow.
The funeral was beautiful.  Several doctors and friends spoke about TG's mom and dad.  His dad was a nice, calm man -- and a medical genious.  His mom, formerly a teacher, seem to make an impression on everyone she met -- most taking her on as their mentor and "away from home" Mom.
TG did wonderful.  He and Bex have so much on their shoulders.  I pray for peace and for everything to work out smoothly and fall into place so that their lives will soon begin to follow the norm again.
Meeting all their friends that our local to them just reminded me how lucky we are to have them in our lives and their friendship.
As if it wasn't enough that we were all exhausted upon returning home, I had six messages on my answering machine.  A few were simple stuff, like the fact that my package from Gary had arrived! :-)  Then, there were a few others.
The phone rang shortly after arriving home and unpacking and it was Mom.  Apparently, she still did NOT have her pain meds.  This had been going on since a week ago because the prescription had been miss-dated.  Not a big thing, right?  Just have a new one written.  Well, it turned into a complete ordeal that I thought was finally being remedied while I was gone.
I thought wrong.  So, I had to load up and head to the city to her Doc's office to wait and discuss and try and get it all worked out.  She's out of meds.  She has severe pain issues and if we can't get her meds -- like, yesterday -- she's going to end up in the hospital.
Today, the prescription should be delivered to the pharmacy.  Pleeeeeease, let it be so.
I'm frustrated and I hurry out the door to drop the youngin's at MIL's so I can race to town and deal with this medicine issue.  I've got so much on my mind, rolling around.  I step on the gas to cross to the highway and avoid the slim traffic.  I forget to lessen the weight of my foot on the gas.
About the time I realize that I'm speeding excessively and unacceptably, their are sirens and lights flashing behind me.  SIRENS.  UH-OH.  
Yes, I was pulled over.  Crap.  This is not what I need today and DH is going to be peeved about the ticket cuz' it's not going to be a "little" one.
I, pulling my license and insurance out for the officer and at this point can only find the card through December 08 -- I don't think I've gotten the new one from DH yet.  So, another, Not Good.
My window is down and as the officer approaches and begins to explain that he pulled me over for speeding -- I break down and begin bawling.  Seriously.   Poor Officer.  Then, I worry to myself that he'll think I'm doing it on purpose so I'm trying to pull myself together and explain everything that's going on and where we just came back from and my Mom doesn't have her medicine and I'm just having a really bad week.
He takes my information (I explain that my insurance "IS" current and he can call the number on the card to confirm with my agent).  I wait.  Drying my eyes and trying to pull myself together and wondering why I just flipped out on the officer.  Not the best timing.
He returns, filling out the ticket form and asking me details and then he hands me my license, my (expired) insurance card, and a pink slip.  He explains that, "Ma'am, I believe your insurance is current but you need to get that new card and keep it with you."  ME:  "Yes, Sir."
He goes on to say, "I'm letting you off with a verbal safe."  "Drive Safe" was almost a question that required response and of course, I agreed.  I prayed for an extra blessing for that officer yesterday.
Because, it was my fault.  I wasn't paying attention and that is irresponsible.  I would not have been in any way peeved about a ticket -- upset and concerned about the expense -- but totally knowing I deserved it.
And, he empathized and gave me a break.  He gave me leniency.  That greatly lifted my spirits and I was no longer frustrated about Mom's medicine or anything.  I was just counting my blessings, and hoping and praying for peace for my friends and I spent the rest of the drive being thankful.
Anyhow, nuff said.
I'll be back with funnies and more later and I'll make the rounds to visit tonight.
Happy Monday Hump-Diggity Day!  May it be lenient on you....



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh, that officer was so nice!
I feel bad about all the bubble wrap, but you gotta use it, don't you? Takes forever to open, but safe!
Oh goodness, your collection....filling up your house with stuff....
will you do infomercials for me, you're the absolute best, thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was better than leniency -- that was MERCY. You needed it, too. I hope the officer felt blessed.

Anonymous said...

OOooh, the heart mug and candle holder are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

And, um, my new insurance card is on the kitchen counter... I think it needs to go in the van today (or really, 3 weeks ago)!! Thanks for the reminder.

Lis Garrett said...

Great package from Gary! His trick to packing, I see, is that he uses yards of bubble wrap. I only used half that which is why, I suppose, the doggy bowls didn't make it to my sister's kids in one piece. Hmph. Ah well. You live and you learn. And occasionally flush $60 down the drain.

I fear getting pulled over. I never have been, but I just know I'd be a nervous wreck!

My Outside Voice said...

One of our best friends was a deputy for years. He was the one that was shot in the face by the killer on the loose. He retired last year and we sure miss him..

He use to just give you the thumbs down if he met you speeding, unless you were being totally crazy.

We say a lot of prayers for him even today... he gave so much.. and got so little in return.

They aren't all bad and it appears you got one of the good guys...

My Outside Voice said...

vlog.. oh I just got how to watch that...

You are so cute...I think I just fell in love with you... as a daughter... I collect daughters..

Baseball Mom said...

Glad you got off with a warning. I enjoyed watching you open your package. I can not wait until I get my first box from Gary.

But I want your hot tub! :)

Dez said...

I'm glad your crying worked in your favor in avoiding a ticket (although, I know you were exhausted and the tears just came)!

You know, I've cried a couple of times (yes, I've been pulled over a couple of times :( -- but it never helped my cause! POOH!

Anyway, welcome home!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

So happy to hear the officer was compassinate enough to understand. Big smile on my face here.