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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"You Stepped in WHAT?"

That's a phrase my cousin used to use to enter a conversation uninvited. You know... When, you want to pop into and join a conversation but have no idea what they are discussing? Well, she'd say that, as if she'd heard it mis-understandingly in passing. She often used (and probably still does) that one, along with a comment that Whoopi Goldberg's character stated in the movie "Ghost." Though, I'd have to watch the movie again to recall just what phrase it was, exactly, that she would often repeat. TOPIC SIDE TRACK: She's like that. She's a psychologist. Primarily for abused children and such. I haven't seen her since Gramm's funeral about six and a half years ago or so. I used to always joke with her about our phone conversation and when she would visit me -- "Don't be psycho analyzing me now. I've already got myself allll figured out. It's our family and our parents that got it all back-@$$wards." She'd laugh and agree. Then, we sit and analyze our elders, lovingly, of course. Gramm got to meet her first Great Grandchild, Farmer, Jr. And, I remember relating to her that I was pregnant with Lil'Gal when Farmer, Jr. was just over the six month hurdle. [That's another story...too funny, though. The back to back pregnancies not the telling Gramm part. Let's just say it involved liquor and tequila. Both of which DH inflicted upon me in hopes of some personal attention, poor guy.] Anyhow, she never got to meet Lil'Gal. So, back to the topic at hand. DH pops in this afternoon while the children are doing homework and I'm doing my Monday's weekly school assignment layout [on Wednesday and three days late] to get everything burned into my children's brains for test day on Friday. Along with make-up work and dinner prep. DH pops in to say "Howdy" to us all on his way back out to fumigate a ship. He'll be in after dinner and late, 9:pm-ish. DH: "Your back end's bad!" ME: "Excuse ME? I know my middle might have grown an inch in the past few months but I think my back-end is bearable." DH: "No, the WHOOMPA-WHOOMPA sound. Your back end is going out!" ME: "Hey Mister! My thighs have never touched and do not now! So, whatever it is you are trying to say? You better get it right this time!" DH: "We're going car shopping cuz you need a new vehicle!" ME: "SQQQQEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLL!" And, I run up and jump up to hug him and smooch him! Then, ME: "But, we are trying to make my SUV last another 25 to 50,000 miles. At least until planting (praying for rain) and we get the crop in [harvest]." DH: "Yes, but your back end is going out and that is what is causing the WHOOMPA-WHOOMPA sound from your tires." ME: "OH. Well, boo. But, YAY!" DH won't even let me drive the vehicle unless I absolutely have to. If the back end goes out? Well, the vehicle will be worth nada for trade in. Warranty is waaaaayyyyy out as I have 125,000 miles on the old Gal. And, the cost to fix it without warranty is multiple (as in a couple year's worth) payments towards a newer vehicle. So, he's taking the kids to school tomorrow -- WHOOP! I can stay up late and only need to worry about reading, lunches and breakfast by 7:30 a.m. And, since I'm housebound I can get all my chores done and all my queries in for resources for my, three -- count them, 1,2,3 -- articles I've pitched to Lis at Root & Sprout. And, don't forget....I'm pending her decision for her staff which will be announced February 1st! That's the same day the February issue of Root & Sprout comes out. And, yes, I'll have a few articles over there! So, fingers crossed and counting my blessings -- I see a new to me vehicle and a contract towards a new career in my future. Remember, I'm an optimist. I think these things into positivity. Know it, see it, think it, know it is coming. Defeat those doubtful thoughts. Bring it to you. "In due time, all good things will come." And, in an happy ending. I'm sending my positivity into the world for hope, peace, prosperity...and love to those lost and love to those who have lost. And, joy and smiles to lowly faces. [Love to 'Jeph' and strength to TG and Bex and to all they still have to heart is with you all.]


Anonymous said...

"Your back end is bad -- it's going out!" Bwahahahahaha

Word Verification is "padam"
As in, if your back end isn't big enough, you can always "padam" LOL

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

SQUEEEAAALLLLS for you!! Lucky Ducky!! We haven't even got close enough to make a countdown to the next vehicle. That's right... I'm jealous. But if it takes complete auto-failure to get a new vahicle, I'm really not interested. I'll just nurse my old babes along until it's practical for us. But... DOUBLE SQUEEAL for you!! (pst... I suggest a red convertable corvette... you can always squeeze the youngin's in the trunk... right?)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Good for you the car -- nice hubby. :-)

Lis Garrett said...

You definitely deserve that new car!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you could get one of those little Toyota yaris cars---they are like toys they're so little and cute!

Dez said...

Hey, I agree with Fairtale Princes; you SHOULD get a Red Convertable Corvette! Then I could ride in it with you! But, knowing you, it has to be something 10 ft above ground. :)
Also, don't forget that Doug (of Cheryl & Doug) sells vehicles! Let me know & I'll hook y'all up.
PS: ILY for always remember Jeffrey as much as I do.