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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Breakfast Blend

While drinking my coffee this morning and reading the label I thought that this would be a good title for this morning's post.
This morning I drank  Folgers "Breakfast Blend."  I didn't like it.  Well, at first.  If you add enough vanilla flavored dairy creamer and some sweetener it's drinkable.  Good thing, cuz' I'm stuck with it until it runs out -- and it's a new container.
I'm off to do a notary, run some errands and pick up Sweet D.  She's going to come out and visit (while I tend to some chores) and then go to Gymnastics with us this afternoon.  I'm already behind today, but it is my own fault.  I knew last night when I put off making the children's lunches till this morning that I would kick myself - this morning. ;-)
And, yet where am I?  Perched in front of Macxine.  Clickity-clicking away moments of my day in order to spill my thoughts here for you to read....I hope you aren't bored.
So, today is the Presidential inauguration.  I find it strikingly ponderable that it is the day after MLK day, and the first ever, African American President.  Though, I do not know what the future or Mr. Obama hold for this country -- I will say that this a day to go down in history.  He is making a mark.
His wife must be so super proud.  Can you imagine?  Seriously, think about it for a moment and put yourself in their shoes...  This is BIG.
You know tonight, when he changes for bed that it will hit him and he will go, "Whoah!  I am THEEE President of the United States of America!"  Because they all spend so much time trying to get there that you know the reality has got to hit them unexpectedly sometime.
[That reminds me, I need to purchase a News Paper.  So, I can archive it for the kids.]
Personally, I don't feel like watching the media's constant coverage.  Continuous feed.   And, the people that are lined up to "see" and "be there" are a little out of wits.   It's Butt-Pie cold out there!  And, they are miles away from the event (though, I think there are some flat screens up).
I would much rather appreciate and value this historical moment from the comfort of my home with a camera close up, giving me a front row seat -- than, to be there freezing my tail off miles away from the event.
But, that is just me.  Some people feel that "being there" is more important.  I feel that being here, today, alive to witness it is the point.
What else, what else, what else.....  Crap.  I haven't scrubbed my toilets.  I like to scrub my toilets regularly and especially when company is coming over.  Criminy.  I'll do it real quick when Sweet D and I get back.  I need to bissell the floors too.  And, I need to grab a trash bag and start de-cluttering again.
Well, I best get to my bid-ness.  Back to my Rat-Killin' as my Daddy says.  That reminds me, I need to call Daddy and check in.  
Happy Tuesday.  Hope it's well blended!



WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Hey! My hubby loves that Breakfast Blend (I don't drink coffee)...I am so glad to be away from the TV today, I'm over the coverage! ugh.

g-man said...

Good luck with the coffee.

I live near DC and there is no freekin' way I'd be down there. It is cold, I don't like crowds, and I can watch it from the comfort of my desk at work.

Knight said...

I think it is too cold to be there as well. I feel the same way about the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve. I understand why they want to be there though. It's the energy and feel of the crowd and the people so excited all around you. You are all celebrating something so big you want to feel it and you actually do feel it in your bones.

Debbie Yost said...

LOL! I'd been saying all morning I'd rather watch it on MY t.v. where it's warm than freezing my behind off outside and STILL watching it on t.v. I guess all those bodies piled together might help warm things up, but I didn't have to get there 8 hours early. I wrote my post today, volunteered in Peanut's class, bought some new shoes for our trip to Florida at the end of the week, did some laundry and was still able to see/hear the speech. I'm good. And, I'm warm.

Oh, and I can't stand Foldgers either. I figure I'm the only one that drinks it so it lasts a little longer so I go with a local company. I figure I get good coffee and I'm supporting the "little guy" in the process.

Tink said...

I bet he couldn't sleep last night... I try to put myself in their shoes and I can't, the responsibility is so huge! It takes a special kind of person to do that job.

Memarie Lane said...

I mix folgers with starbucks and sprinkle in some cinnamon before brewing. Then I use hazelnut creamer. Not palatable otherwise, but coffee is so darn expensive these days.

Dianne said...

some of my favorite moments from yesterday were his girls. they are so poised and seem so genuinely happy

it's nice to have children in the White House again. reports are that the girls had a slumber party with friends while Mom and Dad were at the balls. how cool is that lol

I drink Breakfast Blend - the trick for me is to make it strong.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Boy, do you crack me up, and I am sorry I didn't catch this yesterday!
I agree about the crowds, fuss, and media coverage, not for me either. I did catch the radio for about 2 minutes at noon--just in time! And this am I had to help the missus with some errands and she was given a free newspaper, yippee!
I hate surprise visitors, FW, because I am a marginal day-to-day housekeeper, but try very hard when a guest is expected to CLEAN AND SCRUB too. I also like to put out a nice brand new, sweet-perfumed soap for guests too. And fresh towel. Taking care of even a small house takes forever....

:) Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Let's not talk about housecleaning, shall we? Because I slept all morning long today. I guess my body was making up for yesterday: briefly up at 3am (head to the couch), then up at 4:15am, NO NAP!! to bed at 10pm but not asleep until after 11pm.... then up at 3am to head to the couch, back to sleep until 5am, back in bed by 5:15am ... no wonder I needed to sleep this morning!
I was glad to be warm yesterday. I don't do crowds well. There was enough excitement for me at the neighbor's house, AND I got to see the local news interviewing folks who came from all over. Some of them had been there when MLK was there, some had marched in Selma, AL. That was amazing.
Mixed my red package of Folgers with a bag of Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla flavored coffee. It's a good mix.