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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Mornin. No blossoms and sunshine this morning. I woke up in a crap-diggity mood. Actually, I'm not in a crap-diggity mood at all, but I don't want to have to do any of the "crap" on my list today. I have to go into the "city." I hate going into the city. At least this time of year when it's but-pie cold outside. I know, I know, I shouldn't complain because this afternoon will be cool but beautiful. My friends up in Ithica are freezing their pies off with temperatures in the negatives. :-x I don't know how they handle it. So, I was woken up several times through the night. Lil'Gal had a bad dream, a cayote came into our pasture and howled his happy loud song. Which, of course peeved off my dogs so then they tuned it with the "your lucky we are pinned up or we'd so totally get you since you've wandered from the pack" tune. I get back to sleep for the third time and this time in my own bed. Then one of the kids holler's out "MAMA!!!" So, I jump up, pretty sure it is Lil'Gal and she had a bad dream again or realized I wasn't there. She's out. Farmer, Jr. is out. The cayote is finally out. I'm not. Crap. I did finally fall back asleep. With ten minutes to drift off before I had to get up and get going. I'm having a really bad hair day. That's like three in a row. I even got out the curling iron, you know, the little bit smaller one. Just to give my hair some volume. That was a mistake. Now it looks crappy and curly. Hmpft! My vehicle is running crappy. DH just took it for a spin. The past few days when driving I have that, "Is this the time it will strand me?" question in the back of my mind. But, hey! It's paid for and only has 125,000+ miles on it. What else. I had some other stuff I wanted to piss and moan about. Hear that? That's the sound of the worlds smallest violin playing a tiny little pitty-party for me. Geeze, I AM spoiled, aren't I. Well, even Farmer's Wife can be in a crappy mood now and then. Sometimes the cream in the peaches is sour. What can I say? Well, DH will be back any minute now with my vehicle. He'll scold me for all the kids crap that's in it (KIDS!). Yada-yada, I have to pick up Filters for the A/C and I don't wanna. Whine. I just wanna' stay here and do my thing. I don't wanna' socialize with the real world today. I'm having an agoraphobic moment. I just want to hang out with all of y'all. Well, off to do my thing. Happy Crappy Hump-Diggity!


Anonymous said...

I'm having a WEEK where I wanna stay at home and do nothing. I'm also battling GAS factor-itis. It's not going very well. *sigh*
I don't like going into the City, either. Too many people, pollution, parking troubles... Icky.
Hope your rig behaves itself today.
AND, it's hump day - the week is already half over! FWFD is coming soon. ;)

C said...

We all have those...I normally just ignore the world and let everything fall apart around me.

I hope you get your groove back!!


Jay said...

I've been to that city a few times and it sucked every single time. I mean I really hated that place.

Have fun though! ;-)

Lis Garrett said...

I'm so relieved to hear that even you have a crappy day every now and then, although I certainly don't go around wishing bad days on anyone.

This cold has been making my hair dry, flat and full of static, so we can have a bad hair day together. Unfortunately, my bad hair "day" will probably last until May or June!

PS - It was so cold out this morning, I had to scrape ice from the INSIDE of my vehicle. By the time I got Bridget to preschool, my hands were so cold I could barely unbuckle her carseat. LOL!

PSS - The headhunter told my husband about a job in Houston. The price definitely warrants a closer look.

Krishna said...

Those bad days is when i say to hell with it and crawl back in bed after every one is left. yeah, be thankful you aren't scraping ice off your window but can open the doors and enjoy a nice breeze. I hope your day gets better.

Mine is great. P had 4 teeth cleaned of the beginning of caveities (no enamel) and coated, has pink eye so he is back from school early BUT my social security got approved!!! YAY me!

jezdez said...

HEY! No fair! You wouldn't let me have a violin pitty party the other day!
Hope there is nothing serious with your vehicle.
We get coyotes around here too, living close by the creek. They attack all the anmilas left ourside. :( So, most of the folks take their beloved pets in.

And, I LOVE your hair full and curly!! XXX000

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Know the feeling