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Monday, September 1, 2008

Root & Sprout-dot-com! I'm a WINNER!!!

Howdy all!
I wanted to put a little blip out about the project I worked on with "Potter's Blog" (link in my list up above) for the new online parenting magazine called "Root & Sprout."  It's originator is Lis Garrett.
It's a great website/online magazine with lots of different stuff for pre-parents, baby stages, toddlers, small children, tweens and the like.  There are other sections such as "Grow Through Laughter" [I submitted a poem and she published it there.]
If you click the "Cultivate Your Relationship" link it will take you to some recipes and such.  Potter's Blog and I worked together on the "PB&J Muffins."  He researched the recipe and Lil'Gal and I did the cooking.  There's a photo shot of Little Gal cooking and Farmer, Jr. enjoying the end product ;-).
OH, FYI!  They have monthly drawings for cool and free stuff!  I signed up for the newsletter and won $25 BUCKs sent to my PayPal account!  Thanks Lis and!
AND, I signed up for lots of the freebie drawings last month and won a Klean Kanteen from!  And, it's in the mail and personalized!!!  Whoo-Hoooo!!!
So friends, fellow Mommies, and parenting bloggers stop over there at and give it a read!  And, check out this months drawings for cool free stuff!  Go sign up!  You might win!  I DID!!! ;-D



gary rith said...

That was a lot of fun alright, and you really turned into a star. A great article.
Kinda thinking about trying homemade peanut butter cups, I wonder if I made them, and then asked the South Texas kids test kitchen to try it.....?

Anonymous said...

Ooh those sound yummy!

That's a really cool site. Thanks for the link!

Lis Garrett said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work!

aoc gold said...

O Sailor, Come Ashore

(Part I)

O sailor, come ashore

What have you brought for me?

Red coral , white coral,

Coral from the sea.

(Part II)

I did not dig it from the ground ,

Nor pluck it from a tree;

Feeble insects made it

In the stormy sea.

~by aoc gold

Anonymous said...

Must. make. pb&j muffins.