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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Howdy Gang! I know I've barely made the rounds to catch up with all my bloggies. Didn't really hit the LT while the family was in town. I didn't want them to realize how strong my true obsession is. ;-) I will be catching up, YES I WILL. I thought today would be dedicated to that but you know how sometimes you have things lined out and planned? And, then the whole day blows up in your face? And, you find yourself three days behind and wondering how? Yeah. That happened today. Somehow. My list from yesterday seems to have two things checked off, although I did about 50. So, I'm in a crash course for catch up. Plus the unexpected trip to "the City" to take up more of my time.
Though, I didn't see any signs in the store? I have the inside scoop. I got the new tree we have been wanting that I had blown off because I knew it would come to fruition when the timing was right -- at 75% off! For a 9 ft tree!  (I know someone and that's how I got the extra 25% off). Don't worry. The old tree will be well maintained. I will gift it to my brother, my mother, or my baby SIL. Our sweet and well serving old tree will NOT go to the land fill. 
No worries, Lis!  Her family is a fresh tree family!  Unfortunately, the boys around here have really severe allergies (and we farm, LOL)!
(You can read more about Christmas trees and Lis's great article and tribute to family tradition HERE. :-)
I will admit that I was awakened at 1:00 a.m.-ish this morning.  Awakened by my mind.  Then, I played the whole musical bed thing.  Then, Lil'Gal had another accident so we played the "make the sheets in the dark game" again.  And, well, after that?  And, getting her all snuggled and back to sleep?  I was wide awake and my mind was running at 95 mph about everything -- total, sensory over load.
So, I grabbed Macxine (in the dark), dropped my awesome MAC mouse (in the dark), cursed to myself (in the dark), and read some articles and played around at "Grow Together" and, finally drank a beer because it was 4:00 in the morning and too late to take any OTC sleep aid and I was desperate for one hour of peaceful slumber until I finally was able to pretend to sleep with half glazed over eyes.
But, knowing how I am?  My mind is still full speed.  Only been two nights of the insomnia thingie so I'm still rocking at full throttle.  Enthusiasm and motivation can carry me a long way!
Happy Day!  [If insomnia hits tonight?  I'll be stalking at y'alls places!  Read ya' soon!]



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

enthusiasm and a BIG CUP OF COFFEE eh?

Tink said...

You couldn't sleep so you drank a beer- a girl after my own heart! Lol. I've been so tired and unable to sleep before that I've contemplated how much I could shave off an ambien to get me to crash out without needing the full 8 hours. Pathetic, I know.

Jennybean said...

yay for sales!

g-man said...

We have an artificial tree too because my wife has allergies. We were going to put it up this past weekend but the sickies were visiting our house and no one felt up to it.

I hope you get a good nights sleep.

Jay said...

Are the gift cards 50% off too? Cause I was going to get my brother-in-law a $50 gift card and it would be cool if it only cost $25. LOL

Lowes > Home Depot! Definitely.

Farmer*swife said...

I actually go the tree at better than 50%! I got 50% off, then the "person I know" got an additional 10% off, THEN? Since the only one left that I wanted was the display? They gave me 10% off the balance!


Prohomemaker.Com said...

*Thank you* for the tipoff! I was longing for a green fake one and got a 6.5 footer for $38! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dang. I just read this... at 11pm. *sigh*
I shouldn't complain, because 7 years ago, our local K-mart was going out of business and I got one for $20 (normally $80). And actually, I got 2 of them, because back then I had 2 wonderful places to set them up! Maybe next house...

Jennifer said...

dang, I can't beleive I missed this post yesterday, shoots!

Kelly Dawn said...

well hell thats what i get for being sick and not caught up on my blog readin'..i missed it...and there is a Lowes 4 blocks from my house AND i love CHRISTMAS!!!