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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cape in the Kitchen!

Super Mom, ie: me, rocked it in the kitchen tonight!  YAY!  Wait, I did better than that.  I did, second helpings, SUPER-YAY!  Totally wearing the "Super-Cape" in the Kitchen!
And, for a book review!  Squeeee! SWEET!!  Totally! (And, yes, I wrote that in True Valley Girl accent!)
Oh, DH walked in and at first he was all, "What's that?"  Though, he did state, "But it smells good..."  Lil'Gal hummed along to herself, "I am hungry, dinner smells yummy, la-la-la-la-la, I am hungry and it smells yummy!"
DH taste tests the "Corn Chowder" I made, leaving out from the recipe some of the evaporated milk so that it would be less soupy and more chowderie.  DH makes that, mmmmm-MMM good face.  :-)
Then, I do the Chicken recipe....AWESOME.  The chicken breasts were so tender I could cut them with a spoon -- yes, I said a spoon, that was in my hand -- and serve to the children's plates.
Seconds were eaten.  I froze the leftover corn-chowder for Monday's arctic cold front.  [But, I kept a serving for my carb fix tomorrow in the fridge. :-)]
And, the book was free.  Came along with the other three in the set.  From a source from an article I wrote for Root & Sprout, which will be published in the January issue.  Super Cool!
So, be prepared for January's Root & Sprout on January 1st, 2009, cuz' you might find one of the four (no, not the one I cooked dinner from tonight 'cuz that one is sleeping peacefully with my other favorite cookbooks) available as a GiveAway at Root & Sprout.
Though, I will be xeroxing multiple pages from the "GiveAway" volume.  It's not just a recipe book.  It's a book to read!  ;-)
Don't forget to check it out!  The Book Review, and all the other great stuff at Root & Sprout, January 2009 publication.  That should be the first place you visit in cyber-2009.  
;-)  Happy Saturday!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Please, please can you send me the corn chowder recipe? My Mom *loves* that, and I wanted to include it in her Christmas dinners gift, but I couldn't find a good enough recipe (or simple enough one). I *know* yours will be perfect. So please if you have time. :-)

Lis Garrett said...

Oh, I *love* corn chowder!! I can't wait to read your review. Mmm . . . I am so hungry. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I actually had time to make a real dinner on Saturday night: salad and cherry tomatoes, salmon (wrapped in foil and grilled), rice mix with wild rice and seasonings - yum! It almost made up for the week of soups and dashing about.
Back to crockpot something or other for the next two nights.

Juggling Act said...

Can't wait to read the book review. How I love to cook. La la la la la. Just made some gumbo. The whole house smells like a Cajun Christmas tree.