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Thursday, December 4, 2008

She's SO Important to Me....

Evenin' bloggies.
She finally did it.  My BFF finally set up her blog that we tried to start for her about six months ago.  She, even, finally posted.  So, I was able to comment to her.  And, she went to check it to see if anything came of it yet.
I've been waiting so long because I want to share her with all of you so much.  She's my BFF, God-Mother to my children, though hers are grown -- we are souls given to each other.
She says I'm an old soul and I say she's a young one.  She's fun, loving and would give a stranger her shoes if their feet were ailing and she knew they needed them.  Though, she needs them herself.
Her heart is amazing.  Though, it is somewhat shattered.  I'll let her share her story.  That's why I brought her here.  For an environment of understanding and support without judgement of her emotions -- though, there should be no judgment for her emotions.
She's my biggest (well, her and my Mom tie) cheer-leader and she's my biggest "Ego-Poofer" I know.  So, please give her a visit.  Learn a little about her.  Visit, and share her story with those you know will benefit with what she has to share.
Here she is.  She's been reading me from almost the beginning, cuz' like I said -- we are tight that way and she's my biggest cheer-everything! :-)  She knows many ALL of you and is fond of you as I am.
I am so proud of her for taking this step because I know it will be so liberating, if that is the right word, for her.  She's my Sweet D and you can find her here:  Glass Half Empty.



tt said...

with a build up like that i HAVE to go and visit!! Should I take a bottle of Vodka or wine?? :)
I think wine....possibly wihie since that's my fav. :)
I'm off......happiness to you day and weekend babe!

Anonymous said...

Off to visit :)

Happy Friday!

Farmer*swife said...

Thank you to everyone who visited with Sweet D. All the warm and heartfelt comments were appreciated.

Y'all are wonderful. :-)