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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On an UP-Note!

So, the Childhood Flashback seemed to leave people down or slightly upset.  Yes, I had to purge it here because it hit me last night again -- well, every time I hear the words Ice Cream and Cone together.
But, on an upnote!?  It's New Year's Eve!  Whoop!  Oh, yeah.  We have a fine menu set out for this evening, which after this post, I will begin preparing!  DH and I have no real plans.  Though, my Baby Bro (not the collegiate, he's on my Dad's side -- geeze, the family tree.  Maybe I'll hit that at the bottom of this post) is coming with Mom and then he'll stay over.
The baby brother via Mom is 13 going on 16.  And,  you know, Farmer*sWife is way more fun to party with on New Year's Eve than the "MOM."  Even if we aren't having a party! ;-) [No offense Mom, you know how it is.]
The pork chops I made last night?  AWESOME!  Very delicious!  Eight thumbs up in an eight thumbed family!
The "Brown Sugar" glazed carrots.  YUM!  And, I don't like sweet with real food.  But, Lil'Gal was extremely pleased (I knew she would be) and DH had a great liking for them, even to comment that his mom used to make carrots like this! [Me?  Cooking' like my Fab-tastic MIL! Without trying!  Best compliment of the night!]  Farmer, Jr.?  A gagging two thumbs down.
He totally diss'ed the carrots.  Though, he did not leave the table without finishing half of them. Mama's are just that way sometimes.  :-D
New Year's Menu
We we are having finger foods and snacking, warming, celebratory foods.  Which include:
  • Cheese dip, to which I always cook up some tasty hamburger meat to mix in.  YUM.
  • Stuffed and baked Jalapenos!  Stuffed with cheeses and some chicken bits!~ YUMMMM!
  • Chips and Dips.
  • My homemade hot sauce recipe; though, tonight I'm adding some tomatillos! HOT &  YUM!
  • Steak and shrimp Ka-bobs!  YUM!
  • Salad
  • Black-Eyed Peas
Wanna' party at my place?
I also picked up a nice cheap and on sale cheaper bottle of champagne.  For me, well me.  DH doesn't drink champagne.  At our wedding?  He filled our champagne glasses with beer.  I had returned from having my dress adjusted [again] and didn't have time to complain.  You so CAN totally tell it's beer in those glasses.
So, I guess I'll have a lot of champagne left over.
Happy New Year and don't forget!
Tomorrow, something special will be happening here!  Who want's to start out 2009 as a WINNER!  Yep!  *smiley-wink*  You will wanna' be here!



Anonymous said...

Oooh, Oooh! Invite me!! I'd have no trouble helping you with that bottle of champagne! I'd also enjoy most of what y'all are eating (the spicy stuff in small amounts only). Chile con queso = YUMMO!! And sadly, that is what I forgot to lay in the supplies for... so none of that for us. We do have quacamole and chips and salsa. I'm re-making bunches of Christmas cookies this afternoon (MM just did his magic with the chocolate covered pretzels). SuperDad took SM and they walked a mile to the store for fresh veggies (windchill is around 25 degrees, brrrrrr). I found some nice mild & sweet Italian sausages that we'll cook up for snacks.
Happy new Year!

Knight said...

Mmmm, the whole meal sounds great! I remember my mom making a taco buffet on New Year's eve for us. You have to get the jalapenos in there somehow!

Enjoy that bottle of champagne. Happy New Year to the FW FAMILY!

Susan Sosbe said...

Save the leftover champagne for mimosas in the morning ;) Everything sounds delicious. We do finger foods and graze all night long on New Year's Eve also. Just one more thing we have in common. Have a safe and happy New Year!!

Baseball Mom said...

Love the new header. :) We are having snackie foods too. DH went on a store run, silly man thought stores were closed tomorrow. So we have a bunch of yumm-o's for tonight. I am sure I will be sleeping fast before mid-night.

Have a wonderful evening. Happy 2009!

Jay said...

I've been known to drink my share of champagne so I would totally help you with that bottle!

Happy New Year!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve. Had a great time at my longtime friend's house tonight, and the "pinwheels" went fast for appetizers. Gulped *way* too much shrimp, myself. Now winding down and planning a *long* winter's nap. All the best for 2009!