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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Magatron a MAC or a PC?

I received this in an email last night from Lis. I found it cool and laughable. On a side note I'm slightly beside myself. Christmas is two days away. My children have been tearing the house and themselves apart, while wearing their halos, of course. Lil'Gal's attitude towards, well, everything that isn't what she wants her way -- is awful. It reminds me of when I a was a kid. I knew the spoiled kids who got everything and I knew they didn't deserve half of what they got. I got stuff, but never the big ticket that they all got. Am I now that parent doing that to my own child? I'm mean, she's lovingly adorable. But, this "I want" attitude is upsetting to me. And, yes, Santa could just not visit her this year. Santa Clause could drop off some items for Farmer, Jr. because all along his behavior is really good. With the exception of antagonizing his sister and all. But, Santa will come down our chimney Wednesday night. And, he will leave goodies. Because the participating in the joy and imagination that comes on Christmas morning is something a Mom and Dad just can't do without. Lil'Gal is loveably adorable. She's my angel bug. It's just her halo tends to fall off and it tarnishes so easily. And, she can turn on the spin of a dime. From adorable, to frankenstien, LOL! to a Saint. Why is it this way? Maybe Santa will bring me that instruction manual that was left out of the womb when she was born. If this is my only complaint today? That parenting is hard? I guess my Glass must be pretty full, huh? I better get back to my "Thank Yous" to life and the God who gave it to me. Off to the store to break the budget. Then, home to make a new cookie recipe from "Another Online Mom." [Check my blogroll cuz' I'm too lazy and short on time to pop in the link there] ;-) Happy Almost Christmas Eve!


C said...

I hear you about the kids. Mine have been running ramped this morning tearing up my already messy house and their rooms, omg. I am not sure where new toys are going to go...You can't even see a blank spot on the floors in there! I guess if they don't clean Santa won't come, or so I have told them, lol. I hope you have a great day!

Jennybean said...

So it goes with kids at Christmas. I remember dad and grandma "spotting" Santa looking in the window, to see if I was being naughty... it worked.

Lis Garrett said...

I am so tired from cleaning all day long, and Jacob's just as energetic as ever. His halo slips off quite easily, too. In fact, you're most likely to find him twirling it around on his index finger. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

Ah yes, y'all. Somehow, I think they know that no matter what "we say" Santa loves them. *sigh*

That's a good thing, though. With the exception of the slight disbelief in my Santa threats. ;-)

Lis, spinning on his index finger! LOL! Too True! That's my Lil'Gal too -- totally! She likes to play frisbee with it too when tossing it to/at her brother!

Ha ha!

Happy Day Y'all!

Anonymous said...

I was gone nearly all day long, and when I came home, nothing had been done. NOTHING. Of course, I hadn't told them to do anything. I hadn't left a note. But geez louise, the dishwasher was full of clean dishes, the sink & counter was full of dirty ones, the floors needed sweeping, the carpets needed vacuuming, etc., etc.
Everyone got a chore or two, immediately!
Other than that, they've been pretty good.
I'm still up baking at 1am. Tomorrow is more baking and then church.

Merry Christmas to you & yours!